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    We are very pleased with this recruitment. Fredrik has both a wide-ranging and deep knowledge of the technology sector, and his experience from portfolio management in combination with equity analysis will bring further value and expertise to our portfolio management organisation.
    Ulrika Enhörning, Head of Equities, Swedbank Robur
    Toward the end of the forecasting period, inflation will be around 2 per cent. This is considerably higher than the historical average since the year 2000. The Riksbank will therefore begin to reduce its balance sheet during the second half of 2022. We now expect a first rate hike from the Riksbank in 2023, which is considerably earlier than the Riksbank itself has forecasted.
    Swedbank Group Chief Economist Mattias Persson.
    We strive to constantly develop our work with sustainability. This is the core of Swedbank’s business strategy. Our vision is a financially sound and sustainable society.
    Swedbank CEO Jens Henriksson.
    We strive to offer our savers products that are well in the market in terms of price, and continuously review our funds' fee levels to ensure our competitiveness. One of the central starting points in this work, among other things, is product characteristics and the customer's expectation, and that it is a price level that is sustainable over time. In the last two years, we have made 12 fee reductions and are now taking the next step and implementing yet another 10, which has a positive impact on over half a million of our savers.
    Liza Jonson, CEO Swedbank Robur
    I am extremely happy and proud to take on the role as CIO. On top of the agenda is our work to achieve our vision, our climate goals and our long-term strategy linked to sustainable value creation. Together with our more than 80 highly skilled portfolio managers, sustainability analysts and governance specialists, we will continue to work to drive development in the industry, further develop our product offering and create customer satisfaction and good returns.
    Pia Haak, CIO Swedbank Robur
    The climate is the greatest challenge of our time and is being debated extensively. As it should be. However, the debate must not be at the expense of action, and here initiatives such as Net Zero Asset Managers are an important key in driving development forward. The climate issue must stand alone above short financial objectives, corporate and national borders.
    Liza Jonson, CEO Swedbank Robur
    We have had a strong focus on the climate issue for many years and want to take a clear stance in issues that are important to our customers and investments. The growing interest in saving sustainably and with the climate in focus, are central and positive drivers in our dedicated work to continue to shift capital in a more sustainable direction. As Sweden's largest fund company, it is our responsibility to dare to think new and go first, and to meet customer demand in a clear and hands-on way.
    Liza Jonson, CEO, Swedbank Robur.
    The climate issue is central when it comes to sustainability. Limiting warming is an important prerequisite and key to achieving virtually all of the UN's global development goals. I am really looking forward to working with Swedbank Robur to continue to pursue these issues, and to be involved in developing the standards and methods that can help shift investments in a more sustainable direction.
    Caroline Sundin, Sustainability Analyst at Swedbank Robur
    Politicians need to do more in terms of adaptation to climate change, where the challenges are great. Both private and public investments are needed, and Sweden’s fiscal surplus target should therefore be reviewed in relation to climate change. Fiscal policy should also focus on the structural problems that have worsened during the pandemic, particularly in the labour market. Unemployment is high among foreign-born residents, and long-term unemployment has increased rapidly.
    Mattias Persson, Swedbank Group Chief Economist.
    I am proud and simultaneously humbled by the challenge of becoming Deputy President and Deputy CEO of the bank.
    Tomas Hedberg
    In the fund's yearly report, we strive to quantify positive effects on the environment and social areas from the fund’s investees.
    Linnea Zanetti, responsible for the climate analysis of the Swedbank Robur Global Impact fund’s investees
    I’m very much looking forward to joining Swedbank and to promote the growth of both people and businesses.
    Pål Bergström, about being appointed as Head of business area Large Corporates & Institutions
    ”During the last year, the bank has undertaken several measures to strengthen processes for the disclosure of information. Today’s decision means that yet another issue concerning the bank’s historical shortcomings, is closed.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO of Swedbank
    ''The price confirms that Robur New Technology has continued to deliver a very good return to our customers over both five and ten years. The Nordic region offers an attractive ecosystem for technology investments and a strong breeding ground for new technology companies. These days, it is even more obvious that the world needs new technology.''
    Henrik Nyblom, Portfolio Manager of Swedbank Robur New Technology.
    The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet loosened its grip on Sweden and healthcare remains under tough pressure, but vaccinations are underway. Restrictions are expected to be eased gradually in the coming months, so long as the spread of coronavirus has declined significantly by then. Sweden is at the beginning of a considerable recovery where we expect household consumption to be one of the driving forces. The recovery will also get an extra boost from strong global growth.
    Swedbank Group Chief Economist Mattias Persson.
    The climate issue is a central part of Swedbank Robur's strategy and business. We have a total of 80 sustainability analysts, governance specialists and portfolio managers working together to ensure that the asset management processes steer towards our overall ambitious and tough climate goals. As part of this, each portfolio manager has documented and clarified how the climate goals should be taken into account in their respective investment process during the past year.
    Pia Gisgård, Head of Sustainability and Governance, Swedbank Robur
    Although gender equality and health constantly are high up on the public agenda, there is unfortunately still much to be done. That is why we are very pleased to invest 400 MSEK in the World Bank's new Sustainable Development Bond while raising awareness of gender equality and health. These issues are important parts of a sustainable development and are also well in line with Swedbank Robur's long-standing work to improve gender equality in our investee companies through our role as large owners.
    Thomas Bäck, Senior Portfolio Manager, Swedbank Robur
    We see our work with sustainability issues as a continuous and active process, not as a project with an end date. During the year, we further processed and sharpened our Policy for responsible investments and clearly defined our value foundation, what methods we work by and what is important to us when we make an investment.
    Pia Gisgård, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Governance, Swedbank Robur
    Not to sue is the best decision for the bank and for the bank’s owners.
    Göran Persson, Chair of the Board
    We want to send a big and warm thank you to all those who have chosen to save in Swedbank Robur's Humanfond, together we make a concrete and positive difference. It is just as overwhelming every year to be able to participate and convey the savers' more than SEK 40 million to all fantastic organizations.
    Liza Jonson, CEO of Swedbank Robur
    The changes aim to ensure a simple and transparent governance structure with clear decision making that supports the bank's long-term strategy in all four of Swedbank’s home markets – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO of Swedbank.
    The Nomination Committee’s opinion is that Swedbank's Board of Directors is functioning well. For this year, the Committee has looked for expertise within agriculture and forestry, as well as knowledge within the savings area for private customers.
    Lennart Haglund, Chair of the Nomination Committee
    We are extremely happy and proud to be appointed Fund Company of the Year 2020 by It is a very nice proof receipt that Swedbank Robur's long-term perspective, solid asset management skills and forward-looking teamwork are creating value for our customers. I am also very pleased that our sustainability work is highlighted in the winner motivation, as our focus is to invest in companies with sustainable business models. As an asset manager, we want to take a clear position in issues that are important to our customers, the companies we invest in and society at large.
    Liza Jonson, CEO, Swedbank Robur.
    As an increasing number of Swedes are vaccinated, restrictions will be lifted gradually. As a result, the economic outlook for this year and the next have been revised up. However, fiscal policy needs to ensure that support reaches the service sector. If not, there is a risk that the economic recovery will be delayed and happen at a slower pace.  
    Mattias Persson, Chief Economist and Global Head of Macro Research at Swedbank
    We have for quite some time advocated an increased exchange of information between banks and with authorities in order to further strengthen our capabilities to combat and prevent money laundering and other financial crime. SAMLIT is a very promising initiative and we look forward to continuing to develop the collaboration which will be of great benefit to society.
    Anders Ekedahl, Head of Anti-Financial Crime at Swedbank
    I’m pleased to propose the general meeting to decide on a dividend for 2019. Our dividend is important, especially for investment funds, pension funds, and private shareholders as well as foundations.
    Swedbank’s Chairman of the Board Göran Persson.
    The new focus goes hand in hand with our long-term perspective as investors
    Elena Lovén, Portfolio Manager of the Russia and Eastern Europe funds at Swedbank Robur
    Collaboration cross companies and countries is essential to successfully drive change in a positive and sustainable direction. We are a proud signatory of this pledge.
    Liza Jonson, CEO of Swedbank Robur
    We are very pleased to invest in EUROFIMA’s first green bond aimed at the Swedish market, with a focus on modernizing the railway sector in Europe. The investment goes hand in hand with Swedbank Robur's own climate strategy, where we have established our ambition to work actively to make our managed fund capital in line with the Paris Agreement by 2025 and carbon neutral by 2040.
    Thomas Bäck, Senior Portfolio Manager, Swedbank Robur
    We believe that we have closed the shortcomings identified by the EFSA. But we are not leaving the lessons learnt behind us. We are fully committed to continuing building trust among our customers and society as we are establishing systems, controls and solutions for AML/CTF.
    Jon Lidefelt, Head of Baltic Banking Swedbank
    With our sights set on an economically sound and sustainable society, we are very happy and proud to be selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
    Jens Henriksson, CEO, Swedbank
    The pace of the global recovery is now expected to be slower and more uneven next year, compared to what we forecasted in August.
    Mattias Persson, Chief Economist.
    Swedbank delivered another strong quarter in uncertain times
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO
    It is important that investors dare to be an active part of sustainable change and support companies and industries in this transition. The ambition is that Transition Energy's composition and global focus will provide a good balance between risk and potential, with portfolio companies that help contribute in driving the energy system in a more sustainable direction.
    Robert Slorach, portfolio manager Transition Energy, Swedbank Robur
    According to our experience, the overall growing awareness of the climate issue, has led to an increased customer demand for sustainable saving alternatives that puts the climate in focus. This development is completely in line with Swedbank Robur's own climate strategy, and we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers funds that are in line with the Paris Agreement for all central markets.
    Linnea Zanetti, portfolio manager, Swedbank Robur
    Swedbank already offers several kinds of green lending offerings to customers who choose more climate-friendly alternatives. Through this cooperation we also hope to contribute to scaling our joint efforts towards more climate friendly housing.
    Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability at Swedbank.
    Transparency and the possibility to compare climate footprints of different kinds of funds are a central part of our work with sustainability. We want to make it easier for our customers, and at the same time hope that we can inspire other investors by taking a clear stance in issues that are important for our customers, investments and the society.
    Liza Jonson, CEO Swedbank Robur
    Swedbank posted a strong result in very uncertain times.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO, Swedbank
    We are happy to act as structuring advisor for K2A in this matter, a role that is fully aligned with our ambition to support companies committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We believe K2A has all the prerequisites for being relevant to equity investors with a focus on the environment and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
    Per-Åke Nyberg, Head of Investment Banking at Swedbank
    Our main job as a bank is to do what we can to help our customers get through this difficult situation.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO Swedbank
    We see that we, together with other players, have an important role in helping our customers with knowledge and financial support. We have been doing this for 200 years and we will continue to do so.
    Mikael Björknert, Head of Swedish Banking, Swedbank
    As the Financial Supervisory Authorities of Sweden and Estonia now have concluded their investigations, the time is right for a restart of Group Legal. Eva de Falck has contributed greatly as Chief Legal Officer. I would like to thank Eva for her efforts and hard work.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO, Swedbank
    This hackathon movement was born in three of our four home markets, so it is very natural for us to support it, and we encourage both our employees, customers and peers to register and join the event. By funding the organization of the Economy track, we not only dive into topics that will help our customers and industry through these unprecedented times, but the results will also support the local communities and the society as a whole.
    Lotta Lovén, Head of Digital Banking & IT, Swedbank
    I am very pleased to welcome Mattias Persson to Swedbank. He has substantial experience of areas that are essential for our analysis work and our clients – areas such as the financial markets, financial stability and sustainability. Mattias is also known for his ability to communicate complex issues to a broad audience, and he will lead our team in an outstanding way.
    Ola Laurin, Head of Large Corporates & Institutions, Swedbank
    I am very much looking forward to leading one of the most competent macroeconomic teams in the Nordic-Baltic region – and to developing Swedbank’s analysis and above all supporting the bank’s clients during a very challenging time.
    Mattias Persson, incoming Chief Economist and Global Head of Macro Research
    Clifford Chance’s report confirms the bank’s failure. In its anti-money laundering work, the bank has not measured up to the requirements that customers, owners and society are entitled to set. We now have the facts and are working hard to solve the problems.”
    Göran Persson, Chairman of the Board, Swedbank
    In light of the great uncertainty created by the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact, the Board has decided that the appropriate thing to do in these circumstances is to postpone the AGM to a later date. We will now focus on assisting our customers in very challenging times, and together overcome these difficulties in the best possible way.
    Göran Persson, Chairman of the Board, Swedbank
    I want to simplify and clarify, which will strengthen the management team and at the same time provide more decision-making power throughout the bank.
    Jens Henriksson, Swedbank's President and CEO
    I look forward to work with Erik Ljungberg. He will give important contributions with his broad competencies from communications, marketing and sustainability in developing the bank.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO Swedbank
    I take the findings of the Financial Supervisory Authority seriously. There has been insufficient internal governance and control to address deficiencies related to suspected money laundering. These shortcomings have meant that there has been a risk that Swedbank and its subsidiaries have been used to launder money, which is unacceptable from the requirements and expectations, among others, customers, shareholders and supervisors, have on us.
    Jens Henriksson, President and CEO, Swedbank
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