Welcome to Swedbank’s Extraordinary General Meeting on 19 June 2019

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The shareholders in Swedbank AB are hereby given notice to the Extraordinary General Meeting at Folkets Hus, Barnhusgatan 12-14, Stockholm, on Wednesday 19 June, 2019 at 10.30 am (CET).

Shareholders are welcome from 9:30 am (CET).

As a service to non-Swedish speaking shareholders, the Meeting will be simultaneously interpreted into English.

Notification etc
Shareholders who wish to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting must be recorded in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden AB (“Euroclear”, the Swedish Central Securities Depository) on 13 June, 2019 (the “Record Date”), and must give notice of their attendance to Swedbank’s head office no later than 13 June, 2019.

Notification may be submitted

  • by letter to Swedbank AB, c/o Euroclear Sweden AB, P.O. Box 191, SE - 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden, or
  • by telephone +46 8 402 90 60, or
  • at http://www.swedbank.com/ir.

The notification shall state the name and should in addition thereto state the personal/company registration number (for Swedish permanent residents or companies), address, telephone number and the number of any advisors (not more than two).

Entrance cards, which shall be presented at the entrance to the meeting venue, will be sent from 14 June, 2019. 

Proposed agenda

1.        Opening of the Meeting and address by the Chair of the Board of Directors and the CEO
2.        Election of the Meeting Chair
3.        Preparation and approval of the voting list
4.        Approval of the agenda
5.        Election of two persons to verify the minutes
6.        Decision whether the Meeting has been duly convened
7.        Determination of the number of Board members
8.        a–c) Election of Board members
9.        Election of the Chair of the Board of Directors
10.     Matter submitted by the shareholder Thorwald Arvidsson regarding abolition of the possibility for so called voting differentiation
11.     Matter submitted by the shareholder Thorwald Arvidsson regarding representation for small and medium-sized shareholders in Swedbank AB´s Board of Directors and Nomination Committee
12.     Matter submitted by the Swedish Shareholders' Association regarding special examination
13.     Closing of the meeting

The notice will also be available on https://www.swedbank.com/investor-relations.html  where notification can be submitted.

Media representatives are welcome to the Extraordinary General Meeting from 10:15 am.
After the end of the EGM, media representatives are welcome to a press meeting with Swedbank’s Chair of the Board.

Please register your attendance to Swedbank’s Press Officer Unni Jerndal, tel + 46 73 092 11 80 or send an e-mail to unni.jerndal@swedbank.com.

For further information:
Gregori Karamouzis, Head of Investor Relations, phone: + 46 72 740 63 38
Unni Jerndal, Group Press Officer, phone: + 46 73 092 11 80  

Swedbank encourages a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses. As a leading bank in the home markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Swedbank offers a wide range of financial services and products. Swedbank has over 7 million retail customers and around 600 000 corporate customers and organisations with 180 branches in Sweden and 122 branches in the Baltic countries. The group is also present in other Nordic countries, the US and China. As of 31 March, 2019 the group had total assets of SEK 2 246 billion.  Read more at www.swedbank.com



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