We are now using SyMRI’s Quantitative Neuro Reports routinely to draw attention to the most important global metrics which arise from synthetic: brain parenchymal fraction (BPF) and myelin-correlated parenchymal fraction (MyCPF). Both are important metrics of brain health, with the MyCPF providing a critical qualitative component that goes beyond simple gross brain volume.
Dr. Lefkowitz, Medical Director of MRI at SimonMed.
By broadening SyMRI's reach to more states and scanners, this partnership reflects our joint commitment to pioneering technology that places the patient's experience at the heart of healthcare innovation
Jared Dixon, President of Sales, NAM at SyntheticMR Inc.
SyMRI 3D represents the next generation of quantitative MRI, revolutionizing the landscape of medical diagnostics and offering new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO at SyntheticMR AB
Receiving 510(k) clearance for SyMRI 3D allows us to empower physicians to make more precise and informed decisions in diagnosis and treatment planning through quantitative imaging
Jared Dixon, President of SyntheticMR U.S Inc.
Smart Quant allows for shorter exams and exploration of quantitative metrics, which show great potential to better stratify patients with similar imaging characteristics on conventional MR sequences. It’s a fast quantitative MR technique that’s integrated into our clinical workflow, allowing us to generate multiple synthetic weighted images from a single sequence
Dr. Julien Savatovsky, Neuroradiologist and Head of the Radiology Department at the Hospital Foundation Adolphe De Rothschild (Paris, France).
“SyMRI 3D represents the next generation of quantitative MRI, offering unprecedented resolution and accuracy in brain imaging, revolutionizing the landscape of medical diagnostics."
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO at SyntheticMR AB.
“Receiving approval for SyMRI 3D will allow us to enable physicians to make better, more informed decisions using quantitative imaging.”
Kyle Frye, CCO & President of SyntheticMR Inc.
We are very excited to expand our collaboration with SyntheticMR, aiming to achieve greater results with fewer resources in the field of imaging.
Ruud Zwerink, GM at Philips Healthcare
"In joining forces with Philips on SyMRI 3D, we've achieved a pivotal milestone on our path to establishing a new standard in neuroimaging.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR AB
We are thrilled to receive 510(k) pending status for SyMRI 3D
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO at SyntheticMR AB
SyMRI 3D represents a pivotal leap forward in medical imaging, offering new possibilities for diagnosis and treatment.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO at SyntheticMR AB
This advanced SyMRI sequence introduces 3D resolution to quantitative values and tissue segmentations, ensuring the same level of precision in quantification as achieved with SyMRI's 2D imaging,
Kyle Frye, CCO & President of SyntheticMR Inc
With SyMRI NEURO we already enhance neuroradiologists’ efficiency and diagnostic confidence. Thanks to the combined offering with Philips SmartSpeed, users will now benefit from an even faster workflow, increasing their efficiency further, while keeping all the unique features of SyMRI NEURO,
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO SyntheticMR.
We are thrilled about this powerful combination of Philips SmartSpeed deep-learning acceleration and SyMRI quantitative imaging, allowing our customers to get more diagnostic information within a very short time. We believe this is the way forward to boost efficiency and adoption of quantitative MR and eventually move towards more personalized exams and outcomes for the patients
Gwen Herigault, Global Clinical Programs leader. Philips MR Business.
“We’re excited to continue our global market expansion by establishing our own resources on the Chinese market,”
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO of SyntheticMR AB.
The ability of the SyMRI software to give clear scan data from birth is unique and makes it a perfect match for the HBCD Study. I feel confident in its ability to assist in providing new insights about the nature of brain development at these early stages of life.
Damien Fair, Professor at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota.
We set out each and every day to bring enhanced data to aid patients from their first days in the world and are therefore incredibly honored that our SyMRI software has been chosen as technology by the core lab leading the HEALthy Brain and Child Development (HBCD) Study.
Kyle Frye, President Americas, LATAM & ANZ and CCO of SyntheticMR
Through our partnership with SyntheticMR, we are further transforming syngo.via and Syngo Carbon into an independent advanced visualization platform while extending our reading and reporting solution. We are excited to see the SyMRI NEURO functionality available as part of our solution.
Oliver Klinkow, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Syngo
This license agreement is an important step towards a deeper collaboration with Siemens Healthineers on a global level. We see a high level of interest in our medical imaging solutions to further enhance MRI workflows and provide decision support, and we are pleased to work together with Siemens Healthineers to bring this to the global market. The agreement represents a significant addition to our sales resources and enables us to further support our customers and healthcare providers worldwide.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR
We have conducted research with quantitative SyntheticMR solutions over the past years and found multiple beneficial musculoskeletal applications. I am looking forward to working with the SyntheticMR team on developing and further refining musculoskeletal MRI applications and integrating the advantages of quantitative MRI into clinical practice.
Dr. Jan Fritz, Associate Professor, and Division Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine
The team at SyntheticMR are pleased to welcome Dr. Fritz to our Medical Advisory Board. We pride ourselves in developing imaging solutions with high clinical value, and our users’ input are vital in this process. Dr Fritz’ expertise will be key as we look to expand and further develop our product offering in the future.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR AB
GE Healthcare is pleased to continue the great collaboration with SyntheticMR to address the growing needs of neuroradiology. MAGiC was the first offering from a vendor of a synthetic image generation and automated workflow tool integrated in the MR system. We believe MAGiC Neuro will further increase the clinical information and value that can be derived from a single MAGiC scan.
Jason Polzin, general manager of Global MR Applications
This agreement is an important step forward in our collaboration with GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare has been an important partner to SyntheticMR since we first signed the license agreement in 2014, and this brings us closer together on a global level. I look forward to working with GE Healthcare to bring game-changing quantitative data and objective decision support to healthcare providers worldwide.
Ulrik Harrysson, CEO SyntheticMR AB
Healthcare providers in North America through this collaboration will now have quicker access to a solution that can help shorten scan times, improve patient throughput and provide quantitative data, which will be critical in post COVID-19 times.
Kyle Frye, President SyntheticMR Inc.
“I see great potential in quantitative MRI and SyMRI as a product. The ability to add multi-parametric maps and myelin into our clinical routine will be a great benefit to our patients.”
Dr Wende Gibbs, Neuroradiologist at Mayo Clinic