Dr Wende Gibbs of Mayo Clinic joins SyntheticMR’s Medical Advisory Board

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SyntheticMR, the medical software company delivering quantitative MRI data to provide faster workflows, unique physiologic information, and objective decision support, is pleased to welcome Dr. Wende Gibbs to their Medical Advisory Board.

Dr. Gibbs is a Senior Associate Consultant and Assistant Professor in Neuroradiology at the Mayo Clinic and holds leadership and committee positions in the ASNR, ASSR, ARRS, RSNA, WNRS, ACR, and ABR. She is also a member of the AJNR editorial board and AJNR podcast editor.  She is a host of the Virtual Spine conference and the ASNR Education Webinar. Her main interests are spine imaging and intervention, oncology, pain management, patient-centered care, radiology reporting and standardization, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“I am thrilled to join SyntheticMR’s advisory board,” says Dr Gibbs. “I have been following their progress in the field of quantitative MRI with great interest for the last few years, and now I look forward to helping them create products and features that will bring unique clinical value to radiologists, allowing them to provide the best possible patient care.”

As a Medical Advisory Board member, Dr Gibbs will help guide the SyntheticMR product management and strategic initiatives using her extensive experience within clinical and academic radiology as well as organized medicine.

“As a growing global company it’s vitally important to listen to our users,” says Kyle Frye, President SyntheticMR Inc. ”Dr. Gibbs will be paramount by providing her expert advice as we continue to innovate and bring best in class quantitative data and workflow enhancement solutions to the market.”

“We at SyntheticMR are thrilled to have Dr Gibbs on board as a Medical Advisor,” says Ulrik Harrysson, CEO SyntheticMR. “Dr Gibbs’ experience within neuroradiology and spine imaging will be a great asset. Having Dr Gibbs on our team will help us deliver the most clinically relevant products that bring workflow benefits as well as quantitative data for clinical research and improved patient care to hospitals and clinicians worldwide.”

For additional information, please contact Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR AB, +46 70 529 29 87 ulrik.harrysson@syntheticmr.com or Kyle Frye, President SyntheticMR Inc. at +1 (859) 512-9496 or kyle.frye@syntheticmr.com.

SyntheticMR AB develops and markets innovative software solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SyntheticMR AB’s product SyMRI® delivers multiple contrast images and quantitative data from a single 6-minute scan. The product is available in different packages. SyMRI IMAGE supports faster MRI workflows and improved patient throughput. SyMRI NEURO delivers automatic segmentation of brain tissue, supporting objective decision support. SyMRI is CE-marked and FDA 510(k) cleared. SyMRI is a registered trademark in Europe and in the USA. SyntheticMR is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Stockholm, Sweden. For additional information, please visit www.syntheticmr.com.




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