Report from Annual General Meeting in SyntheticMR AB (publ)

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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of SyntheticMR AB (publ) was held on May 23, 2023, whereby the meeting resolved in accordance with the Nomination Committee and Board's proposed resolutions. The full resolutions are stated in the notice of the meeting.

The following resolutions were made at the AGM:

The AGM resolved to approve the Board's proposal that no dividend will be paid. The remaining capitalized funds of SEK 86,350,792 including the share premium reserve and retained earnings, are transferred in new accounts.

The AGM resolved to grant the Board of directors and CEO discharge.

The AGM decided that the Board should consist of 5 ordinary members and no deputies. The AGM resolved on the re-election of Board members Ann-Christine Sundell, Petra Apell Jan Bertus Marten (Marcel) Warntjes, Johan Sedihn and Staffan Persson. Further, the AGM decided to elect Johan Sedihn as the Chairman of the Board.

The AGM resolved that a Nomination Committee should be appointed by the Annual General Meeting instructing the Chairman of the Board to contact the three largest shareholders (hereby both direct registered shareholders and nominee-registered shareholders) in accordance with Euroclear Sweden AB's printout of the share register as of September 30, 2023.

The AGM resolved to authorize the board of directors until the next annual general meeting, on one or more occasions, with or without preferential rights for the shareholders, to issue shares, convertibles and/or warrants, with the right to subscribe for and convert into shares in the company, respectively, corresponding to a maximum of five (5) percent of the company's share capital after dilution based on the number of shares in the company at the time when the authorization is used for the first time, to be paid in cash, through set-off or in kind.

For further information, please contact Johanna Norén, CFO SyntheticMR AB, +46 70 619 21 00.

SyntheticMR AB develops and markets innovative software solutions for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). SyntheticMR AB has developed SyMRI®, delivering multiple, adjustable contrast images and quantitative data from a single 5-minute scan. The SyMRI product is available in different packages. SyMRI NEURO delivers multiple contrast images, tissue segmentations and quantitative data on the brain. SyMRI MSK provides multiple contrast images and quantitative data for knee and spine anatomies. SyMRI NEURO is CE-marked and FDA 510(k) cleared and SyMRI MSK is CE-marked. SyMRI is a registered trademark in Europe and the USA. SyntheticMR is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market Exchange in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, visit


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