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  • Clayens NP Targets High Growth Plastronics Markets with TactoTek® Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™)

Clayens NP Targets High Growth Plastronics Markets with TactoTek® Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™)

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Global manufacturer of plastics and electronics adds IMSE solutions to their product portfolio

OULU, FINLAND/GENAS, FRANCE (16 June 2020) – Today, Clayens NP and TactoTek® announced that they have signed an agreement for Clayens NP to market and sell solutions built using TactoTek’s Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™) technology. This partnership brings together leaders in their respective technology domains to advance the market for integrating electronic functionality within molded plastics.

Clayens NP has deep experience integrating diverse technologies to deliver sophisticated solutions for plastics and electronics across several markets, including vehicle bodies and interiors, aerospace, household products and home automation. According to Didier Muller, Clayens NP Materials & Partnerships Strategy Manager, “Because IMSE parts deliver electronic functionality within single piece structural parts, the technology supports the benefits our customers want, including light weight, durability, simplified assembly and design freedom. It is a technology with global appeal spanning the markets we serve. In addition, IMSE reduces the amount of plastics used by up to 70%, so it aligns with Clayens NP’s commitment to sustainability”.

TactoTek is dedicated to developing, validating and commercializing IMSE technology that transforms the way electronics are designed and built. The company supports IMSE licensees that globally mass produce reliable, economical smart molded structures. A single-piece structure eliminates up to 90% of individual tools compared to traditional electronics assemblies. Functional and graphical variants are easily created with a single tool-set. “With a large customer base and a global manufacturing footprint, Clayens NP is an excellent match for taking IMSE technology to market”, states Sami Hyyryläinen, SVP Field Operations at TactoTek. “IMSE solutions are already succeeding in automotive, wearable, appliance and smart home markets. With Clayens NP’s technology know-how and execution capability, they are poised to capture a large share of this growing market.”

Dave Rice, SVP of Marketing, dave.rice@tactotek.com+1 503 705 5795

TactoTek is a leading provider of solutions for Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics. Leading use cases include in-vehicle applications, home/industrial appliances, and wearable technology. TactoTek develops and industrializes IMSE technology, develops mass production ready IMSE prototypes, and licenses IMSE technology for 3rd party mass production. TactoTek is funded by Conor Venture Partners, Voima Ventures, Nordic Option Oy, Nidoco AB, Faurecia Ventures, 3M Ventures, Cornes Technologies Limited, Repsol Energy Ventures, Plastic Omnium, Nanogate, Ascend Capital Partners, Leaguer VC, Nordea, Finnvera, ELY Center, Business Finland, various European Union’s funding programs and private angels. For more information, please visit www.tactotek.com