• Karthikesh Raju

    SVP Product Management and Marketing
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    By combining our expertise, we can accelerate design and development activities, providing advantages for our customers along the entire value chain
    Patrick Nebout, Chief Technology Officer at Yanfeng Technology
    Yanfeng's leading role in the industry is crucial to the rapid transformation of the automotive sector. With our IMSE technology platform, we aim for this partnership to seamlessly merge the visual appeal, tactile experience, and functionality of vehicle interiors.
    Dr. Thomas Vetter, Senior Vice President of Global Automotive at TactoTek
    TactoTek sees that standardization will speed up the industrialization of structural electronics technologies such as Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE).
    Paavo Niskala, SVP of IMSE Technology at TactoTek
    We are excited to see where this journey takes us, and how we can help TactoTek in serving the IMSE clients in North America.
    John Kendall, Director, Environmental Health & Safety, Universal Recycling Technologies, LLC (URT)
    These partnerships are important building blocks in our mission to take concrete actions to support our clients during the whole lifecycle of our technology and maximizing its circularity. Sustainability and environmental performance are at the core of our business, and efficient recycling of our technology is vital for the future.
    Sampo Pirilä, Manager, Product Planning & Sustainability at TactoTek
    By understanding the chemistry and behavior of the materials inside IMSE products, we can correspond to the future demands of IMSE technology. We have cooperated closely with TactoTek during the past years for better and greener solutions in the field of sustainable recycling. We together carry a huge responsibility for the future.
    Sami Äijänen, Project Management, Kat Metal OU Estonia
    Efficient recycling of our technology is at the core of our sustainability strategy. Kat-Metal has been supporting us a lot during the recent years and we are very happy to have signed the Recycling Ecosystem Partnership Agreement with them.
    Sampo Pirilä, Manager, Product Planning & Sustainability, TactoTek
    Environmental aspects are strongly tied into our company value as a whole, and they are present in our day-to-day activities. Our Environmental Management System sets a framework for managing our work contributing to the green transition - not limited to our own footprint, but especially to our handprint. TactoTek and our Licensees can significantly reduce the 2nd and 3rd party greenhouse gas emissions with IMSE.
    Katriina Otsamo, EVP of Finance and Sustainability, TactoTek
    I was satisfied to see how sustainability-related aspects are part of all lifecycle phases of IMSE products, starting from design all the way to the recycling of the IMSE products as this is one of the key requirements in ISO 14001:2015 standard.
    Heikki Lahtinen, Lead Auditor & DNV Team Leader, DNV
    IMSE technology has enormous application potential across several domains, and we look forward to being a key design and manufacturing partner to the interested OEMs and Tier-1s.
    Dr. Ashok Sridhar, CEO of TracXon
    TracXon has a crucial role in energizing the ecosystem with their cutting-edge, in-house process development and design support, propelling IMSE technology into new markets. Our partnership ensures a seamless supply of functional films for top-tier brands, revolutionizing next-gen automotive user interfaces.
    Marko-Suo Anttila, SVP of Consulting and Services at TactoTek
    We can now address a larger array of applications including intelligent lighting and smart human-machine interfaces, but also do it in a sustainable and recycling-friendly manner, thus unlocking multiple benefits to the market.
    Dr. Ashok Sridhar, CEO of TracXon
    We can draw on existing experience and our installed equipment to guarantee our mutual IMSE customers a quick entry into the market. Further, the combination of BeLink Solutions’ years of experience coupled with TactoTek’s innovative technology opens a new business area for us.
    Pierre Ball, Sales and Marketing Director, BeLink Solutions
    BeLink Solutions' robust experience in electronics manufacturing, combined with their expertise in printed electronics and design for manufacturing capabilities, ensures rapid adaptation to IMSE technology from the early stages of a product's lifecycle all the way to mass production. This winning combination positions them as a leading force in the industry.
    Marko-Suo Anttila, SVP, Consulting and Services at TactoTek
    We always seek technology that stands out. IMSE, with its ability to generate design freedom for 3D smart surfaces, and its emphasis on additive manufacturing, is a perfect solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.
    Siegfried Bugl, CEO of EVO Gmbh
    EVO, with their leading engineering and design expertise, is an ideal partner that can help build refreshing designs for automotive OEMs, and this collaboration strengthens our reach with the German OEMs.
    Paavo Niskala, SVP of IMSE Technology at TactoTek
    With new illumination concepts, we can use light for decoration, and functional value. Our current ideas for the new generation backlighting can only be achieved with the thin structures that IMSE technology provides.
    Mirko Bonvecchio, CTO at HSL srl
    TactoTek builds a global IMSE ecosystem to enable a broader implementation of this breakthrough technology. With HSL, we are expanding the ecosystem in a very fascinating way.
    Marko-Suo Anttila, SVP of Consulting and Services at TactoTek
    What TactoTek has achieved with IMSE LightChannels is already resonating with many automotive OEMs. Achieving bright, even illumination while controlling unwanted light travel is often very difficult and can require very complex structures.
    Michael Höfgen, CEO of Lightworks GmbH
    IMSE LightChannels is part of our "Let Light Live" strategy. We are bringing our newer platforms that can create programmable interfaces with light features that indicate, inform, and interact, exploring new ways of connecting with the users.
    Karthikesh Raju, SVP Product Management and Marketing at TactoTek
    KIC customers are looking for innovative interior solutions. The industry is moving towards differentiating with light. For premium models, the combination of illumination and functionality is increasing. IMSE technology provides the freedom to design innovative, and interactive smart interior surfaces, that are programmable, and customizable. IMSE technology changes the way in which we look at automotive interiors, by digitizing the interior in a car.
    Takashi Setoguchi, Operating Officer, Headquarters of Interior Business Area at Kojima Industries Corporation
    IMSE is a path-breaking technology that combines the freedom to design sustainably. Globally accepted as a critical technology in Automotive and Aviation markets, and verified by OEMs in Germany and US, we are delighted to bring this to the Japanese markets.
    Makoto Seki, Representative Managing Director at Cornes Technologies Limited
    This is a big step forward for TactoTek into the Japanese automotive segment and especially in the ecosystems around Toyota City.
    Sami Hyyryläinen, SVP Field Operations at TactoTek
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