Global In-Mold Electronics Leaders Converge for IMSE Days 2.0

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TactoTek conference features experts in design, materials, production and testing in automotive, industrial, smart home and consumer markets. 

OULU, FINLAND (15 May 2019) – TactoTek, the global leader in injection molded structural electronics (IMSE™) technology, with support from Platinum sponsor MacDermid Performance Solutions, Silver sponsors, Altium and Niebling, and presenters from across the in-mold electronics ecosystem will convene the IMSE Days 2.0 conference on June 5, 2019 in Oulu, Finland. Printed electronics are at the core of IMSE solutions, and Oulu is the center of a region globally known for printed electronics innovation, and home to leaders in printed electronics research, development and industrialization. 

“Demand for IMSE solutions, single piece seamless parts that integrate electronic functions including touch controls, lighting and wireless communications, within 3D injection molded structures, is growing quickly across markets, including automotive, industrial, smart home and consumer use cases,” said Dave Rice, SVP Marketing at TactoTek, “this event is designed to accelerate learning by sharing knowledge across the ecosystem and building relationships that are the foundation of successful projects.”

Conference participants span the IMSE ecosystem, including OEMs/brands and their suppliers, and representatives of the design systems, materials, equipment and testing solutions that support to successfully IMSE design and mass production. 

Announced speakers at IMSE Days 2.0 include Faurecia, Novem, Bö-La, OSRAM, Cypress Semiconductor, MacDermid, Covestro, OptoFidelity, TactoTek, and will include presentations and live demonstrations of printed electronics and mechanics computer-aided design (CAD) from Altium and Dassault Systémes. In addition to presentations, leaders in printed electronics materials will be available to share their knowledge during the event. 

“In this conference, market leaders report on their experiences with IMSE technology, and experts in IMSE design, production and testing share their insights. It’s a very efficient way to advance your knowledge about in-mold electronics in general and IMSE in specific, and learn what it takes to succeed,” noted Sini Rytky, VP Product Management for TactoTek.

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Heini Tuorila
Director of Marketing

TactoTek is a leading provider of solutions for Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics. Leading use cases include in-vehicle applications, home/industrial appliances, and wearable technology. TactoTek adapts customer designs to IMSE technology, develops mass production ready prototypes, and mass produces or licenses the technology for 3rd party mass production. TactoTek is funded by Conor Venture Partners, Ascend Capital Partners, Faurecia Ventures, Plastic Omnium, Nanogate, VTT Ventures and Leaguer VC. For more information, please visit