Cayuga Collection announces what could possibly be the most luxurious internship abroad opportunity.

The Cayuga Collection, based in Costa Rica, is looking for qualified interns to help perfect its delivery of higher-end hospitality that combines sustainability, community, and luxury. 

While age doesn't matter, attitude does. The Cayuga Collection 2013 eco-internship is possibly the best opportunity for anybody who regrets never having done an internship abroad. And yes, helping with recycling, composting, energy efficiency and community outreach are part of the internship, but so is testing out the softness of the bed linens, quality of the eco-friendly hotel room amenities, sampling as many meals as possible and even partaking in a spa service or two. While the selected intern(s) will not be paid or get university credit, they won’t have to pay for accommodation, meals, tours or services as they ‘test’ out the company’s theory that ecotourism and sustainable tourism can also be luxurious. 

“Our goal is to attract discerning interns who can help us ensure we deliver that perfect blend of sustainable hospitality and luxury,” says Hans Pfister, co-founder and president of the Cayuga Collection. “Every year, we welcome young interns who work hard on our sustainable programs, but now we need a well travelled person or couple who can put our blend of high end service and responsible tourism to the test to ensure we are truly the best in the business.” 

The deadline to apply is Earth Day, April 22, 2013, and the application process is short, online and to the point with questions that ask, “why should Cayuga choose you?” and, “what do you bring to the table compared to other potential applicants?”

The successful applicants (a maximum of two will be chosen) will be notified by May 2, 2013 and will work on this challenge directly with Cayuga’s corporate team and the general managers at the hotels and lodges in Costa Rica for two weeks of their choice, based on availability, between April and November 2013.

Pfister says the value of the two week international internship could be as high as $10,000 USD; interns will be asked to write about their experience on Cayuga’s blog as they ‘work’ through the challenge with duties that include:

  • §  Staying in the best categories of rooms, bungalows, casitas or villas at the hotels and lodges to explore opportunities for improvement
  • §  Eating three daily meals at Cayuga’s restaurants, with a focus on including fresh local ingredients in the menu and developing new tropical specialty cocktails
  • §  Participating in community work such as beach cleanups, working at local schools and recycling centres, and volunteering with local charities
  • §  Engaging in conservation projects such as planting trees, tracking wild cats and improving conditions in national parks
  • §  Participating in tours and activities offered by Cayuga hotels and lodges, including rainforest and waterfall hikes, canopy tours, river rafting, horseback riding, mangrove kayaking and surf lessons
  • §  Experiencing spa and wellness services, such as volcanic mud scrubs
  • §  Participating in cooking classes, typical dance classes, Spanish classes and other activities that allow interns to connect with the local culture

Interns are asked to raise and donate a minimum of $750 USD (which is tax deductible) to put towards the Cayuga community initiative of their choice, through the company’s Equilibrium charity fund. The successful applicants will then put the money they raise into action during their internship abroad.

And for those who aren’t selected for the foreign internships, the Cayuga Collection will be offering Equilibrium discount rates of up to 40 per cent off accommodation for people who still want to donate a minimum of$750, and come to Costa Rica to see their donation and fundraising efforts in action. 

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About The Cayuga Collection

The Cayuga Collection consists of nine ecolodges, resorts, and sustainable hotels throughout Costa Rica and Nicaragua. All Cayuga properties specialize in creating the symbiosis of sustainability and luxury, always providing a sense of place by taking into account local culture and customs. To Cayuga, sustainability is about more than reusing your towel twice and passing on plastic. The luxury hospitality group earned a Condé Nast Traveler World Savers award in 2010 and 2012 for its social responsibility, and a Travel + Leisure Global Vision award for Environmental Leadership in 2010. Its properties have earned four and five leaves from the country’s Cámara Nacional de Ecoturismo (CANAECO). Cayuga works with local communities to train and employ local people and improve local living and learning conditions. Each of its properties is involved in conservation and community development, and the company even created a public charity called Equilibrium to further its reach and impact. For more information about all of Cayuga’s properties and experiences, visit Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality.