Scream Season celebrates families who are travelling during the North American summer months, June to August, to any of our Central American or Caribbean parks
Annika Bratt, vice president of sales for Rainforest Adventures
To grab their Scream Season deal guests simply visit our website and after they have liked our page or tweeted out the deal, a coupon is revealed. They can print the coupon and show it at the gate at any of our parks to claim the deal
Annika Bratt, vice president of sales for Rainforest Adventures
This cruise provides learning in a relaxed setting as well as all the benefits of on-board cruise living. We want to provide something different and in keeping with the culture of Social Media Camp, allow campers to connect in an exciting environment while still preserving the tax deductions.
Chris Burdge
Meeting planners choose Richmond because they know that it offers all the right ingredients to ensure a successful event.
Gayle Morris, Director of Sales, Tourism Richmond
(Meeting Planners) not only have a wide variety of meeting venues to choose from and all the urban amenities, but as neighbours to Vancouver and the city’s iconic tourism attractions, planners now have an attractive offer that has great delegate appeal
Gayle Morris, Director of Sales at Tourism Richmond
North Americans combine business travel and, in particular, professional development travel with vacation time.
Brenda Anderson, former chair of the Convention Industry Council and director of sales and marketing at the Victoria Conference Centre
We want to encourage business people to continue their social media professional development and still be able to take a vacation.
Chris Burdge, co-founder of Social Media Camp
While Social Media Camp is growing, we want it to keep the personal touch so attendees don’t have to fight their way in through hordes of app developers asking for a download.
Chris Burdge, co-founder of Social Media Camp
We know (social media conference attendees)need to learn about the latest killer campaigns, but you also need an atmosphere that makes the learning fun so it feels like a break from the daily grind.
Chris Burdge, co-founder of Social Media Camp
While it was complicated and expensive to construct the aerial tram without removing trees, for me, the decision was easy – we had to protect the rainforest. Otherwise, why build a park to help educate visitors on the importance of rainforest conservation?
Joaquín von der Goltz, president of Rainforest Adventures
As a team, we are always looking at ways to reduce our consumption, communicate the importance of conservation to our guests, and work more closely with our local residents.
Eugenia Solano, general manager of Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica
India’s popularity as a destination for international travelers is rising, and for some it can seem overwhelming to try and plan an authentic journey that not only explores India’s awe-inspiring wildlife and nature but its many incredible cultural assets as well
Kurt Kutay, president and founding CEO of Wildland Adventures
#Indiaweek is about providing in-depth background for our travelers to access; we can help plan their trip so that we capture every experience on their wish list, while helping them to explore online places and experiences they may not have even heard about, in a fun and interactive way
Kurt Kutay, president and founding CEO of Wildland Adventures
Patagonia Sur Reserves provides sophisticated lodging in an intimate setting, a range of activities, and a well-trained staff of guides in a very isolated area that has very little infrastructure.
Dave Parker, Managing Director of ORVIS Travel
Patagonia Sur Reserves offers exciting new options for adventure travel in Chile unlike anything previously available in an area that was notoriously hard to visit in the past
Dave Parker, Managing Director of ORVIS Travel
Mystic Mountain is a memorable day tour in Jamaica, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.
Max Patchen, general manager at Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica
This new package is part of our Footprints of Nature series: perfectly timed trips that reveal rarely witnessed biological events
Claire Saylor
Whether you want to explore the food, visit the theatres and museums, or just simply enjoy a vibrant Latin city, San José is the place to be.
Hans Pfister, CEO and principle of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality
The Scream Season celebrates families who are travelling during the North American summer months
Annika Bratt, Rainforest Adventures
By offering these eco-friendly sea turtle nesting packages, combining insider expertise and trained guides, we’re helping to protect the amazing reproduction process of these great reptiles.
Claire Saylor, director of marketing for Nature Air
We are encouraging meeting planners to discover Richmond, BC – a city where Chinese New Year is celebrated 365 days of the year
Gayle Morris, director of sales at Tourism Richmond
Richmond is a city that has all the right ingredients – the convenience of an international airport and rapid transit system, the choice of intriguing venues, and countless things for delegates to see, do and taste.
Gayle Morris, director of sales at Tourism Richmond
There is a lot of inaccurate advice and a whole new industry of social media consultants has emerged – some of whom are very knowledgeable and some of whom are not even aware that Facebook has rules about promotions.
Chris Burdge
Social Media Camp has grown to one of the top social media education events with a line up of respected speakers and industry specialists,.
Chris Burdge
We were delighted with the support Social Media Camp gave us last year and knowing that Victoria is a growing, tech forward community, we decided to come back as the Charter Sponsor and launch our Innovation Zone competition.
David Lucatch
We designed this package to celebrate long-lasting love in one of the most romantic spots on the planet
Hans Pfister, CEO and principle of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality.
Bocas del Toro is an island paradise you truly have to see to believe
Claire Saylor, director of marketing, Nature Air
As the site grew I immersed myself in social media when I realized there was a digital audience craving lessons on how to keep the woman in the mom.
Erica Ehm
When we plan any family trip, including our new Peru Family Adventure, we build it around our seven tips for an awesome family adventure
Kurt Kutay, co-founder and director of Wildland Adventures
March is a fantastic time to visit Costa Rica. From rock concerts to oxcart celebrations and open-air markets, there is so much to do.
Claire Saylor, director of marketing at Nature Air
The Lapathon is really like no other. Instead of pounding the city pavement, you’re trekking on a dirt road next to dense rainforest and the wild Pacific Ocean while getting cheered on by monkeys, tropical birds and other jungle creatures.
Hans Pfister, CEO and principle, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality
It’s a real privilege to be one of the few tour operators permitted to travel into Gwaii Haanas. We guide our guests into this maze of islands and waterways, a world class natural environment that made the Haida who they are.
Kevin Smith, president of Maple Leaf Adventures
These properties are anti-hotels: when you check in, there’s no front desk to be found; in the lounge, the bartender greets you by name and already has your drink of choice prepared and waiting.
Hans Pfister
Still largely undiscovered by the average traveller is Costa Rica’s Turrialba region, Costa Rica’s Switzerland – a mountainous paradise with rolling landscapes, excellent cheese producers and activities for both the laidback and adventurous traveller
Hans Pfister
Graphic design involves more than a logo or a single ad, I go beyond the one big idea to create campaigns that drive results.
Brad Felt
Marketing and advertising work is about connecting with the audience and finding the trigger point that will lead consumers to buy.
Brad Felt
Victoria is a remarkably tech forward community in British Columbia full of people doing cool stuff
Chris Brogan
People tell me that they just started to feel comfortable on Facebook and Twitter and don’t want to have to add another social network, and yet, they must.
Chris Brogan
Our 2012 season is packed with awesome on-the-water adventures, including six new tours and lessons.
Brian Henry, Ocean River Sports
The Costa Rica air pass flights from Nature Air is can be reserved at any time allowing travelers to truly seize that spirit of spontaneity and experience the many beautiful sides of Costa Rica, from the rainforests to the beaches and the valleys.
Claire Saylor, Director of Marketing
In one day, guests can soar by zipline through the jungle canopy, swim with hundreds of tropical fish in a clear blue ocean and then, from a mountaintop, enjoy a glass of wine as the sun dips low over the valley – true pura vida
Claire Saylor, Director of Marketing
Our sailing trips are for natural and cultural history buffs, artists, families and even those with a taste for fine ale.
Kevin Smith, Maple Leaf Adventures
Ann and I are so excited to accompany adventure travelers to Turkey on our Turquoise Coast Odyssey
Kurt Kutay
Anyone looking for things to do in Victoria, BC should come on down to the Inn at Laurel Point.
Ian Powell
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