We are thrilled that TATAA Biocenter has expanded its use of digital PCR on the naica system, as customers see the value of Stilla’s powerful, easy-to-use multiplexing technology
Philippe Mourere, President and CEO, Stilla Technologies
The new naica system with its unique 6-color detection is great complement to our instrument platform and will be perfect for our powerful 2T-dPCR technology.
Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter.
Olink® EXPLORE 3072 is the perfect complement to our already optimized genomics and transcriptomics offerings and will be imperative in our services supporting the pharmaceutical industry. We already offer workflow optimization and validation including multiomics, and with this new platform, our capacity dramatically increases.
Mikael Kubista, founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter
In heart failure, my area of interest, it is very common that we don’t know for sure how drugs work. Biomarker research, optimally using proteomics, such as research enabled by Olink® EXPLORE 3072, when applied to clinical trial blood samples and with appropriate use of sophisticated data science, may help unravel the mechanisms of action (MOA) of therapies. In the HOMAGE trial, I was amazed by being able to describe the multiple MOAs of the mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist spironolactone, mostly known, so far, only from animal experimental data. Examining the MOAs of drugs in the clinical setting is among the major advances allowed by proteomics
professor Faiez Zannad, previous head Head of the Centre d’Investigation Clinique Pierre Drouin Inserm, coordinator of the Heart OMics in AGEing (HOMAGE) project
We are excited to be partnering with TATAA Biocenter. This will make the Olink proteomics platform more accessible to the scientific community, which is in line with our mission of accelerating research in areas such as the understanding of disease, more efficient and safer drug development, and enablement of earlier and more accurate diagnoses
Henk Mouthaan, Interim Vice President Sales and Marketing EMEA, Olink Proteomics.
It is an impressive effort by our employees growing TATAA Biocenter from a teaching platform to one of Europe's leading companies serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. It bodes well for the efforts on cell and gene therapy and international expansion TATAA Biocenter initiated this year
Mikael Kubista, CEO.
We are excited to recognize and celebrate the companies in this year’s Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50. The companies ranked, and the smart solutions and services they provide, reflect Sweden’s position at the forefront of innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. Qualifying for a place on the list is a significant achievement and we look forward to seeing what’s next for these companies
Ester Sundström, partner and responsible for Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50.
We are excited at being the no.1 service provider in Europe. This shows our focus on delivering highest quality results based on careful optimization and quality control combined with our unique offerings based on proprietary technologies when extra sensitivity and specificity is required is paying off.
Mikael Kubista, CEO and founder of TATAA Biocenter.
The center ensures that it validates the use of kits and reagents prior to offering services using the vendor's products, Frost & Sullivan research confirms that TATAA Biocenter is the only company that adheres to high quality standards in comparison to its competitors in Europe.
Divyaa Ravishankar, Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst
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