Banksy’s Favourite Criminologist Available for Interviews

Author and Professor of Criminology, Alison Young, will be visiting City University London to host events including a public lecture entitled Imagined Boundaries: the Troubled Relationship between Crime, Law and Spectatorship. Based at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Professor Young.

Professor Young’s latest book, Street Art, Public City: Law, Crime and the Urban Imagination, is a brilliant and indispensable sociology of street art; drawing on case studies and interviews with high profile street artists including Banksy. Click here to find out more.

Professor Young will be available for any interviews or promotional activities from the 8th – 23rd February. If you would like to arrange an interview or discuss any ideas, please contact me directly.

Praise for Alison Young:

My favourite criminologist in the world”

Alison Young offers readers a brilliant rigorous analysis, giving a comprehensive account of street art as a global phenomenon, and the tensions it frequently engenders in the control of public and private space, and the licit and illicit behaviour of artists who choose to stay away from the over-managed space of the museum or gallery.”
Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait Gallery, London

Alison Young proves to be a most thoughtful and engaging tour guide as she takes us on a fascinating excursion across the contours of the international urban art scene and deep into the subterranean and ever-evolving world of today’s street artists. Whatever your feelings about graffiti, tagging, and other forms of urban mark-making, this book, just like the very best examples of street art, will challenge your preconceptions and make you think more deeply about the affects and effects of the twenty-first century’s most controversial art form.”
Keith Hayward, Professor of Criminology, University of Kent, UK

Alison Young's Street Art, Public City is an indispensable sociology of street art, guiding the reader through the streets of many of the world's major cities. Brilliantly intertwining the disciplines of aesthetics, urbanism and legal theory, it paints a rich and compelling picture of the contemporary urban landscape, subtly bringing into focus a vital dimension of public culture.”
Professor Jill Bennett, University of New South Wales, Australia

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“My favourite criminologist in the world”