Can Russia and the U.S. work together against the jihadist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq, considering their differing conservative Christian politics?

John Anderson, in Conservative Christian Politics in Russia and the United States explores this very question, by considering the politics of conservative Christian churches and social movements in Russia and the United States, and how this has affected their international and national policy.

As, whilst secularization continues to chip away at religious adherence and practice in Europe, religion is often seen as an influential force in the politics of the United States, and, more questionably, as a significant influence in contemporary Russia. This book therefore focuses on the countries similar concerns, but very different modes of political engagement, as world leaders unite at this year’s G20 summit in Turkey. Putting new pressures on Washington and Moscow to find a solution to the ongoing civil war in Syria, and troubles in Iraq - but how will they proceed?

Both presidents are seeking to halt the perceived drift towards a more secular political order, and both believe that their nations can only be great if they remain true to their religious heritage. In exploring their experience, Conservative Christian Politics in Russia and the United States focuses on shared and different elements in their diagnosis of what is wrong with their societies and how this affects their policy intervention, while a clash of civilizations occurs during the war on terror.

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