Changing Landscapes: The Impact of ePortfolios on Teaching and Learning

Theory Into Practice, Autumn 2015, Vol. 54, No. 4

“Changing Landscapes: The Impact of ePortfolios on Teaching and Learning” is the theme of Theory Into Practice, Autumn 2015, Volume 54, Number 4, guest edited by Liliana Barro Zecker, DePaul University.

Responding to recent paradigm shifts in how we think about human development, communication technologies and teaching/learning processes, institutions around the world have adopted digital portfolios to document student learning. In some instances, when ePortfolios are narrowly defined and focused on products, they show individuals’ mastery of well-defined skills and certify professional readiness. When framed in a wider perspective, ePortfolios can act as personal and professional development plans that help learners chart their intellectual journeys by integrating in- and out-of-school, life-long and life-wide experiences (Hughes, 2008; Peet, 2010; Peet et al. 2011). ePortfolio pedagogy has the potential to be a truly epistemic and transformational force in human learning and development (Cambridge, Cambridge & Yancey, 2009; Kahn, 2014).

Together, the articles in this issue describe how digital portfolios, as premier examples of 21st century literacies, have changed the school, workplace, and community landscapes that new generations of learners and educators as well as employees and employers face as they work with and in the world. When framed within a humanistic, process-driven, integrative, reflective stance, digital portfolios can and do contribute to a more personalized, flexible, and authentic portrayal and assessment of individuals.

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