Theory Into Practice has published a new special issue on “Psychological Science at Work in Schools and Education” in Spring 2016, Volume 55, Number 2

When the public thinks about psychology, it likely connects the term with therapy or mental health (Mills, 2009). Although that association is indeed correct, it reflects an overly restrictive view. Psychology began as a science of learning, mental processes, and behavior.
Psychology began as a science of learning, mental processes, and behavior. Many APA presidents in the early years, including John Dewey, Carl Seashore, and E.L. Thorndike, studied these topics. In fact, the American Psychological Association's (APA's) first president, G. Stanley Hall, was renowned for his work on childhood development and inheritance of behavior.

The aim of this special issue, and the additional section describing other CPSE education related projects and resources, is to help PreK-12 education practitioners in the critically important work they undertake each day to help students learn and develop. We look forward to hearing from readers about these projects and resources and any suggestions they may have for future education-related endeavors that might be undertaken by the psychology and education community.

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