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Clean Energy Company Fortum and Magnus Nilsson, Chef of Fäviken Magasinet, are opening a one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant in Åre, Sweden. “Kabin 1274” will serve three seatings in the Kabinbana gondola lift during Easter, for those committed to change for a cleaner future.

Nobody can say with certainty what climate change will bring. All we know is that the impacts will be felt around the world, and the Nordics are no exception. Our winters could become very different. The food we produce and consume today might change entirely in years to come. To stop climate change, we all have to change.

To celebrate those who’ve already committed to a cleaner future and chosen sustainable ways to live their lives, clean energy company Fortum and Swedish double Michelin star chef Magnus Nilsson are opening a one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant in the Swedish ski resort, Åre.

This Easter (20th–22nd April), the legendary Åre Kabinbanan ski lift, that peaks the Åreskutan mountain at 1274m, will set the stage for three once-in-a-lifetime seatings. The “Kabin 1274” restaurant will serve a custom menu by Magnus Nilsson, accompanied by breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. Views that could be very different in the future if we don’t act now.

Seats to the unforgettable experience can be won exclusively through a giveaway. To participate, Easter vacationers need to arrive to Åre in a sustainable manner, such as by train or electric vehicle.

Magnus Nilsson is best known for his work as the head chef in the world-famous restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, situated 25 km east of Åre. Just as in Fäviken, the food at the pop-up restaurant will be cooked using ingredients sourced locally from the Åre area.

This event points out one of the real issues with our sustainability work as a business, how people actually get to our restaurant. The vast majority of our customers do so by airplane and/or by combustion engine cars. By carrying out these three dinners together with Fortum, we want to do two things. First of all, we want to reward those who have made an active choice in how to get to Åre, second we want to highlight to all of those who might not think about the fossil free options available to get here, that they are a real possibility.” says Magnus Nilsson.

Åre, situated in Western Sweden, is one of the leading Scandinavian ski resorts and often referred to as the alpine heart of Scandinavia. Fortum collaborates with the ski resort and provides sustainable energy solutions to Åre.

Åre is a natural partner for us with its beautiful nature and people enjoying the clean environment. We power three main ski lifts in Åre with fossil free solar power and serve Åre customers travelling with EV’s with our 40 Fortum Charge & Drive charging points”, explains Fortum’s Brand Manager, Jussi Mälkiä.

Climate change brings with it only one certainty: uncertainty. With this pop-up restaurant we want to raise awareness of climate change and what it could mean in the Nordics and encourage everybody to act. Every choice we make matters”, continues Mälkiä.


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Jussi Mälkiä
Brand Manager, Fortum
+358 50 352 5328

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