Göteborg Energi signs outsourcing agreement with Tieto

Western Sweden’s leading energy company, Göteborg Energi, has, after a procurement process, decided to outsource its IT operations to Tieto. The agreement runs over a five-year period with a contract value of approximately EUR 40 million. The major service areas in scope are within data centre (IT-infrastructure, integration, communication and application operations), work place, service desk and collaboration services. 

Göteborg Energi’s IT environment will be consolidated into top modern and secure data centres in Sweden.Tieto will assume operational responsibility for Göteborg Energi’s most business-critical systems. All services fulfil the strict security requirements on the Swedish utility market and allow Göteborg Energi to flexibly adjust capacity to match changes in demand. The outsourcing agreement includes personnel transfers from Göteborg Energi to Tieto.

- This is an important step for us in renewing our operations and ways of working. It allows us to save resources, increase our efficiency and focus on our core business, to deliver sustainable energy solutions to our customers in the region, says Christer Lindström, CIO at Göteborg Energi.

Göteborg Energi’s 1,100 employees will also be able to use a new collaboration platform, which will be developed by Tieto on a Tieto Public360- and SharePoint-based platform. Furthermore, integrations will be delivered as a service based on Tieto’s product TEIS. The transition over to the new IT environment will be completed during 2016.

- We're proud of the deepened cooperation with Göteborg Energi. In addition to delivering core applications, we now take the natural next step towards a long lasting partnership focusing on fulfilling Göteborg Energi’s strategically important targets, as well as realising flexibility and cost efficiency in the IT operation from the very first day, says Mats Jadesköld, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Tieto Sweden.

- By automating and standardising their IT operations, energy companies can increase their efficiency, reduce costs and take a significant step towards modernising their business. The agreement with Göteborg Energi confirms that Tieto’s tailored and secure services are driving the digitalisation of the Nordic energy utility market, says Cristina Petrescu, Vice President, Energy Utilities at Tieto.

For further information, please contact:

Cristina Petrescu, Vice President, Energy Utilities at Tieto
phone: +46 70 340 07 65, e-mail:

Mats Jadesköld, Vice President, Strategic Sales at Tieto Sweden
phone: +46 70 588 90 74, e-mail: mats.jadeskold[at]tieto.com

Cecilia Erdalen, Press Officer, Göteborg Energi
phone: +46 70 466 04 28, e-mail: cecilia.erdalen[at]goteborgenergi.se

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Göteborg Energi is Western Sweden’s leading energy company. The company provides the customers with energy services, broadband, district heating, cooling, natural gas and the electricity supply network. Göteborg Energi aims to create energy solutions that are sustainable in the long term and the company vision is for a sustainable Gothenburg society. To achieve this goal, Göteborg Energi has developed into a versatile energy company. Turnover in 2014 was SEK 6.036 million and the number of employees is 1,083. Please visit www.goteborgenergi.se for more information.


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