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  • More Tikkurila products to receive EPDs – A total of 25 products now have the declaration

More Tikkurila products to receive EPDs – A total of 25 products now have the declaration

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Tikkurila reached another step towards more sustainable and responsible production, as the third-party verifier’s approval for the second batch of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) came through. A total of 25 products have now received the declaration. New products with a declaration are Tikkurila, Beckers and Alcro wall and ceiling paints.

An EPD is a voluntary, transparent, and well-established declaration to present transparent, comparable, and verified environmental information about the environmental impact of the life cycle of products or services. The EPD process is based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool. The declaration helps constructors, building contractors, and planners to better understand the environmental issues related to construction products and materials. 

Tikkurila is very proud to have completed the work in-house and to be able to offer addition to the transparent information of Tikkurila’s premium paints for the clients.

“We created a dedicated LCA software allowing us to dig into the raw material’s life cycle data and combine that with production data from our factories. With that data we were able to build a life cycle view of our products’ environmental performance”, Mats Hägerström, Sustainability Director at Tikkurila describes the process.

This voluntary declaration covers the impact of raw materials’ production, transportation, manufacturing, and end-of-life stage, excluding the stage in which the product is in use. EPD’s are made primarily for business-to-business use, but the information is available for all those interested in the environmental impact of the verified products. Through the declaration, Tikkurila can offer more transparent information on the environmental impact of their paints, and have an influence in building sustainable cities and communities of tomorrow.

Growing demands for transparent information from the construction companies

The environmental impact of a product during its life cycle has become relevant information in order to estimate the environmental impact of buildings and other construction works. The demand for the EPDs is growing and Tikkurila receives inquiries at the moment from e.g. Sweden, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Ireland, and Denmark. 

In Finland, most of the inquiries come from leading construction companies, but also design companies are very interested in the transparency of the products. Tikkurila is committed to taking nature’s limited resources into account in its business, and wants to openly share the environmental impacts of their products. The efforts towards sustainable development continue as Tikkurila aims to have a positive impact on the living environment and people’s well-being.

The verified EPD’s can be found at: https://cer.rts.fi/en/rts-epd/search-for-rts-epds/

For further information, please contact:

Mats Hägerström, Director, Sustainability, tel: +358 50 577 4076 mats.hagerstrom(at)tikkurila.com