Practical goals guide the development of Tokmanni’s sustainability

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Tokmanni        Press release        16 July 2021 at 11:00 am

Sustainability at Tokmanni arises from concrete actions which are part of everyone’s day-to-day work. These actions are monitored and developed in line with common goals. Sustainability work at Tokmanni is guided by the company’s recently updated sustainability strategy.

Sustainable way of working and responsible operations are a strategic choice for Tokmanni. The company’s new strategy was published in the spring of 2021, and it sets the direction for the development of sustainability and corporate responsibility, as well.  

“When we operate responsibly, we can seize the opportunities offered by sustainability work and minimise risks,” says Emilia Koski, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Tokmanni.

“At the same time, we can improve customer satisfaction and our employer branding, as well as grow our business operations.”

Four sustainability themes

Tokmanni has fine-tuned its sustainability strategy.

“Many aspects of the strategy have been further clarified and updated. I’m particularly pleased that we have determined practical and ambitious goals up until 2025 to measure and develop our operations,” Emilia says.

Sustainability work at Tokmanni is based on four themes: Products and Sourcing, Climate, People, and Business Integrity. Since the company focuses on selling products, developing the sustainability of the products and the supply chain is one of the most important and critical success factors.

“Tokmanni provides its customers with useful products for daily life. Direct sourcing enables us to purchase products at lower prices, achieve cost savings in the supply chain and affect the manufacturing conditions of the products,” Emilia points out.

“Our assortment is extensive, diverse and continuously growing, so it’s important that the products are sustainably produced and sourced. For example, it is our policy that all the cotton for our private-label products must be sustainably produced by 2024. We are also seeking to increase the number of certified products with sustainability labels in our assortment. Various certificates and sustainability labels help us ensure that, for example, biodiversity and human rights aspects are taken into account in our assortment even better than before.”

Stakeholders require sustainability

The retail sector plays an important role in society. Being close to the customers, the sector can affect everyday choices quickly and directly.

“Sustainability aspects are increasingly important to customers.  We make our sustainability work visible through sustainability labels in product information, for example. We will also communicate more extensively about sustainability aspects via various channels, such as our special offers bulletin, in the future,” says Emilia.

“Employees want to work for a company that takes good care of its personnel, and investors are interested in sustainability aspects in terms of risk management, compliance with legislation and ethical principles, and business opportunities, for example,” she continues.

“We must continuously develop our operations to keep up with the competition. Sustainability and corporate responsibility are a conscious choice for us.”

Carbon neutrality by 2025 

Emilia says that sustainability and the efficient and agile operations of a general discount retailer go well together.

“For example, the solar panels on the roofs of stores and the logistics centre increase the production and use of renewable energy. The energy efficiency measures at stores, in turn, save energy and reduce costs,” says Emilia.

Tokmanni is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2025.

“Our climate work is also guided by accepted Science-Based Targets in line with the Paris Agreement.”

A store for everyone

From the perspective of both its employees and customers, Tokmanni is a store for everyone.

“Tokmanni has a diverse group of employees in its stores, warehouse and administration. We provide many young people with their first experiences of working life, and we are also working hard to ensure that people are able to work until their retirement age towards the end of their long careers. This can mean changes to job descriptions, for example,” Emilia explains.

“We also contribute to society. For example, in cooperation with the Finnish Red Cross, our long-term partner, we support the elderly and people suffering from loneliness through local volunteer friend activities.”

Business integrity, the fourth theme of the sustainability strategy, means that Tokmanni complies with the law and ethical guidelines and will continue to be a responsible general discount retailer in the future, as well. 

“For this reason, we also contribute to various research projects. In the FINIX project led by Aalto University, in cooperation with researchers, we are building a tool to increase transparency in supply chains in the apparel industry. This increases our understanding of traceability in the supply chains, as well as of materials for apparel and, thus, of business models that support the circular economy,” Emilia says.

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