Tokmanni has another surprise - New private label Parco will make your garden a paradise

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Tokmanni     Press release     22 February 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

Tokmanni’s latest surprise, its new private label Parco, offers hundreds of furnishing products for outdoor use, such as furniture and plant pots. One of the label’s new products that is already on sale is the Salerno sofa group in fresh blue and white shown in the photo.

Tokmanni, Finland's largest variety discount retailer and, at the same time, one of the country’s largest garden product retailers, is focusing strongly on developing and expanding its product offering. One of Tokmanni’s surprises for the beginning of this year is Parco, the variety discount retailer’s latest private label. Parco’s outdoor furniture and plant pots and other garden furnishing products will, according to the brand’s slogan, Paratiisi pihallesi, make your garden a paradise.

Tokmanni has created a large assortment of around 250 products for its new private label. These products include various pieces of furniture for outdoor use, plant pots, seat cushions and garden ornaments.

“Parco allows our customers to create pleasant and inviting outdoor living spaces in their yards, balconies and gardens that are perfect for both everyday and special occasions. There is plenty of choice and different styles, and many of the new products have a Mediterranean feel,” says Petri Ahokas, Purchasing Manager in charge of the leisure, garden and home electronics product groups.

The Parco products, which are produced in audited factories in Asia, are intended especially for customers who are interested in extending the interior atmosphere of their homes and holiday homes outdoors and appreciate excellent value for money.

“We have focused not only on the practical aspects of the products and their attractive appearance, but also on smart prices and ensuring the products are easy to maintain by using materials, such as synthetic rattan and aluminium, that withstand various weather conditions. Parco offers a wide range of products at various prices for both small and large spaces, from small balconies to large gardens,” Ahokas adds.

“Being able to mix and match items is also important, and many of Parco’s outdoor furniture pieces look great with outdoor plant pots from the same range and the outdoor fireplaces from our other private label called BBQ King,” he says.

The Parco products represent good value for money and usability. For example, the Vercelli corner sofa group shown in the picture has an aluminium frame and the seat and back cushions have washable covers. The sofa group is complemented by the Verona table which has a tempered glass tabletop.

Widest assortments available at the largest stores and in the online store

Several dozen products from Tokmanni’s new private label are already on sale, and Parco’s full range of about 250 products will be introduced during April. The Parco products designed especially for the smallest of spaces, such as balconies, will be on sale at almost every one of Tokmanni’s approximately 200 stores. The widest product selections will be available at Tokmanni’s largest stores and in the online store.

“Our online store means that we can also include larger outdoor items in the assortment that we are unable to sell in our smaller stores due to lack of space. The products are easy to view and we can deliver online store orders for collection to the Tokmanni store selected by the customer or, if necessary, even directly to the customer’s door,” says Ahokas.

In addition to outdoor furniture, the Parco product assortment includes a wide range of outdoor plant pots and garden ornaments.

Tokmanni has a very comprehensive range of private labels

Tokmanni’s wide and varied product assortment consists of leading international brand products, Tokmanni’s private label products and licensed brands, and non-branded products.

In addition to Parco, the variety discount retailer’s private labels include, for example, Pola, Future TT Sport, Peuhu, Kotikulta, Iisi, Pisara, Perfekt+, Tok Garden, BBQ King, Vaeltaja, Ideale+, Priima, Namipäivä, NATUR PREMIUM PET, Brücke, Kraft and Energy+. In addition, Tokmanni will launch its new lifestyle brand Miny at the end of February. Together these private labels cover all of Tokmanni’s main product categories: clothing, home decoration, personal care, home cleaning, garden and yard, leisure, home electronics, groceries, pets, tools and electrical equipment.

Parco in brief

  • Parco is Tokmanni’s new private label.
  • The assortments include about 250 different products designed for the yard, balcony and garden, such as different types of outdoor furniture and plant pots, seat cushions and garden ornaments. The products have been produced at audited factories in Asia.
  • Some of Parco’s products are already on sale, and the entire assortment will be introduced to almost all of Tokmanni’s stores and the online store during April. The size of the products assortment will vary from store to store.
  • The private label’s core target group includes customers who are interested in extending the interior atmosphere of their homes and holiday homes outdoors and appreciate excellent value for money.

According to its slogan “Paratiisi pihallesi” (“your garden paradise”), Parco, Tokmanni’s new private label, allows customers to create pleasant and inviting outdoor living spaces in their yards, balconies and gardens of their homes and holiday homes.

View the comprehensive assortment of Parco products at Tokmanni’s stores and in the online store at


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