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  • Tokmanni in Mäntsälä has been renovated and the store’s assortments have been expanded – It is now also a food store with a comprehensive selection of products

Tokmanni in Mäntsälä has been renovated and the store’s assortments have been expanded – It is now also a food store with a comprehensive selection of products

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Tokmanni     Press release     15 June 2021 at 12:10 p.m.

“The improvements were based on a desire to serve our customers even better with wider assortments. We have extended our ranges of seasonal products, fresh foods and the products of local and small producers according to customer wishes,” says Kristina Holck, Store Manager of the Tokmanni store in Mäntsälä.

Tokmanni will open its significantly remodelled store in Mäntsälä on Thursday 17 June 2021 at 8.00 am. The store is now also a versatile food store with a selection of approximately 5,500 products, including dry and fresh foods and beverages. In addition to wider product assortments, the store now has a more contemporary general visual appearance, a new entrance and renewed product and shelf layout.

The Tokmanni store, located by the Lahdentie motorway, near the junction at the south of Mäntsälä, offers a wide and attractive assortment of beauty, health and wellbeing, clothing, interior decoration, cleaning, leisure, home electronics, home maintenance and seasonal products and foods.

In connection with the renovation, in which the store was also extended into a food store, more than 2,000 new food products were introduced to the product assortment. The food department includes about 5,500 different products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to fresh fish. Among the new products are those from many Finnish local and small producers, such as bread and pastries from the Leipomo Lähimmäinen bakery in Mäntsälä, and savoury treats fresh from the oven from the Piiraskartano bakery, which is also in Mäntsälä. The sale of peas will also be carried out with the Uusi-Heikkilä farm in Askola.

The store will sell plenty of food products from Finnish local and small producers. The improvement of shopping convenience was also a factor that was focused on in the renovation.

“The improvements were based on our desire to provide an even better service to our customers with wider assortments. Based on our customers’ wishes, we have extended our ranges of seasonal products, fresh foods, and products from local and small producers. We have also made shopping even more convenient, and customers can now buy renovation equipment as well as fish, vegetables and local delicacies from the same store,” says Kristina Holck, Store Manager at Tokmanni in Mäntsälä.

“In addition to local products and convenience, we also take other current food trends and various dietary restrictions into consideration. The comprehensive assortments and store signage mean that organic and new products and vegan and gluten-free products are easy to find in the store,” she adds.

Among the interesting new features is an in-store bakery, which offers various types of bread, as well as croissants, buns and other classic bakery products and a changing selection of seasonal products and stock lots. The range will include over 50 different bakery products.

“Everyone will be able to find their favourite products from among the in-store bakery’s selection. The store also has a department with various ready-to-eat products, such as sandwiches, filled baguettes and salads. There are also other take away products, such as various juices and smoothies.”

The new in-store bakery at the Tokmanni in Mäntsälä offers a wide range of bread, buns and various savoury products.

Comprehensive improvements in line with Tokmanni's newest store concept

The Tokmanni store in Mäntsälä has been renovated in line with the general discount retailer’s newest store concept, which emphasises quick and easy shopping. Customers will notice the improvements as soon as they arrive at the store, as the main entrance and lobby have been moved to a more central location and there is a new sales area for the latest seasonal products. Product departments and the checkouts have also been moved to new locations. The store, with its more contemporary visual appearance, now feels more spacious, it has new signage and the Posti Parcel Point is now larger. A new garden and seasonal sales area, measuring more than 300 square metres, has also been built for the store.

“The comprehensive improvements mean that shopping is now even more convenient and enjoyable. Working in the store is also more efficient and pleasant, as we can now display products better,” says Holck.

“The covered garden department will sell products according to the season, such as soil, plants, garden furniture and various snow-clearing tools,” she adds.

The Tokmanni store in Mäntsälä employs about 25 retail sector professionals. The renovated store will serve its customers with long opening hours: on weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm, on Saturdays from 8 am to 7 pm and on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. The store’s address is Maisalantie 9, 04600 Mäntsälä.

The store has a new area for displaying seasonal products and during the summer, there will be barbeques, cool boxes and various outdoor furniture for the yard and garden.

Waste and energy efficiency have also been taken into consideration

Tokmanni seeks to reduce waste by optimising order volumes and deliveries, for example. Stores in the Tokmanni chain also sell soon-to-expire food products at half-price, starting two hours before the store’s closing time.

Tokmanni purchases only renewable electricity for its locations. In addition, about four out of five Tokmanni stores – including the Mäntsälä store – already use LED lighting.

“In conjunction with the extension of the food department, we replaced our old refrigeration equipment with more energy-efficient models. We also have a recycling point for customers’ small waste electrical and electronic equipment, and we also accept used batteries, of course,” says Holck.

At the Tokmanni store in Mäntsälä, customers will still be able to find plenty of home maintenance products, such as various power tools.

Tokmanni takes care of safety in many ways

Special attention is paid to ensuring a safe shopping experience. The safety of customers and employees is ensured with protective screens installed at checkouts and by offering customers hand sanitiser during their visit and reminding them to keep a safe distance with posters and announcements. In addition, it is recommended that face masks are worn in the store. To ensure a safe customer experience, Tokmanni recommends that customers avoid crowds, and it may also limit the number of people admitted to the store at one time. More information about safety measures related to the coronavirus pandemic at Tokmanni is available in Finnish on the company website at www.tokmanni.fi/koronavirus.

To celebrate the completion of the renovation project, the Tokmanni store in Mäntsälä will have special offers from Thursday 17 to Sunday 20 June 2021. Because of the coronavirus situation, no opening event will be held at the store, and no surprise gift buckets will be handed out to customers.


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