Tokmanni’s big surprise – New lifestyle brand based on the shop-in-shop principle coming soon

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Tokmanni     Press release     1 February 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

Tokmanni’s latest surprise, the new lifestyle brand Miny, will arrive in selected Tokmanni stores and Tokmanni's online store around the turn of February and March.

Tokmanni, Finland’s largest variety discount retailer, has a new surprise: it is launching a lifestyle brand called Miny with around 1,000 different products. The products will be available around the turn of February and March when Miny’s first shop-in-shop departments will open in selected Tokmanni stores in Helsinki, Vantaa and Hyvinkää. The new Miny products, which come in delightful pastel shades, for example, will also be on sale in Tokmanni’s online store.

According to its slogan, “Kaikkea kivaa, mutta ei mitään kallista”, Miny will go “Big on fun, small in price” – in other words offer plenty of surprising and interesting things to buy.

To begin with, the new lifestyle brand will have about one thousand different products, and more new products will be available later this year, says Anu Nevalainen, Category Manager at Tokmanni.

“Miny’s product selection will include various beauty, wellness and home decoration products. Equipment for the home office and school, drinking bottles, storage boxes, yoga products and lovely scented candles and room fragrances will also be added to the selection. Accessories such as socks, hats, scarves, bags, jewellery and sunglasses will also be introduced.”

The Miny lifestyle brand’s core target group includes, in particular, young and youthful people and other people interested in fashion and aesthetics.

“In addition to the surprising and interesting elements, we believe these customers will love the exquisite colour palettes and excellent value for money,” says Nevalainen.

Includes products made from bio-based and recycled materials

Tokmanni has also created the Miny ECO product range for its new lifestyle brand, which differs from the rest of the selection by focusing on, for example, bio-based and recycled materials.

“The Miny ECO product range, which will consist of about a hundred products to begin with, includes home decoration products made from cork and recycled plastic bottles, for example. Miny ECO will be expanded in the future, and we are currently looking for products which have been manufactured using recycled materials, for example,” says Nevalainen.

The Miny ECO product range includes products containing recycled and bio-based materials, such as these cork storage boxes shown in the picture.

Miny will first be available at busy shopping centres and town centres

Miny’s first shop-in-shop departments, which will be clearly noticeable due to the different colour scheme and look to that of the rest of Tokmanni, will be opened in central and busy Tokmanni stores in Helsinki, Hyvinkää and Vantaa. In Helsinki, the Miny selection will be available in the Arabia shopping centre in Arabianranta, in the Citycenter shopping centre in the heart of Helsinki and in the Itis shopping centre in Itäkeskus. In Hyvinkää, Miny products will be sold in the city centre store and in Vantaa they will be sold in the Tikkurila store. Miny will also be available through Tokmanni’s online store at the address

To ensure a quick and easy shopping experience, the Miny shop-in-shop departments won't have separate checkouts. Instead, all Tokmanni's products will be conveniently paid at the checkouts of the stores.

“We want to offer Miny comprehensively all over Finland. We believe that especially those customers who like to visit shopping centres and city centres or are enthusiastic online shoppers, will be interested in Miny products,” says Nevalainen.

Tokmanni will not yet reveal Miny’s next destination.

“We will closely monitor customer interest in Miny and its assortment. Our customers will ultimately decide where and when our new lifestyle brand will expand going forward. We have already had plenty of requests from Tokmanni employees who are working on Miny or who have heard about it. Many would like Miny to be available in their area and their local Tokmanni store,” Nevalainen adds.

Miny combines elements of surprise and interest with delightful colours and excellent value for money. The new lifestyle brand’s products will be on sale at shop-in-shop departments, which differ significantly from Tokmanni’s look, and in Tokmanni’s online store.

Miny will help Tokmanni to improve customer experience

The main purpose of Miny and of Tokmanni is to provide customers with benefits and joy.

“We are building Tokmanni to be a next generation variety discount retailer. Expanding our assortment and offering an exciting shopping experience play an important role in Tokmanni’s future success,” says Nevalainen.

“Our newest addition, Miny, with its inspiring shop-in-shop departments, is an excellent example of how the modern variety discount retailer is listening to its customers and producing genuine benefits and joy for their daily lives,” she adds.

The new Miny product range will also include accessories such as jewellery and hair accessories.

Plenty of important private labels

In addition to the new Miny lifestyle brand, Tokmanni’s wide and varied product assortment consists of leading international brand products, private label products, licensed brands and non-branded products.

The variety discount retailer’s private labels include, for example, Pola, Future TT Sport, Peuhu, Kotikulta, Iisi, Pisara, Perfekt+, Tok Garden, BBQ King, Vaeltaja, Ideale+, Priima, Namipäivä, NATUR PREMIUM PET, Brücke, Kraft and Energy+. Together these private labels cover all of Tokmanni’s main product categories: clothing; home decoration; home cleaning and personal care; garden; leisure; home electronics; groceries; pets, tools and electrical equipment.

Miny in brief

  • Miny is Tokmanni’s new lifestyle brand.
  • The selection will initially consist of approximately 1,000 different products, such as various beauty, wellness and interior products.
  • The products will be available at shop-in-shop departments in selected Tokmanni stores and the online store from around the turn of February and March.
  • The core target group includes, in particular, young and youthful people and other people interested in fashion and aesthetics.

According to its slogan, Miny will offer plenty of surprising and interesting things to buy. “Kaikkea kivaa, mutta ei mitään kallista. Me olemme Miny.” can be freely translated as “Big on fun, small in price. We are Miny.”

Familiarise yourself with Miny’s delightful range of products at the shop-in-shop departments that will open in selected Tokmanni stores around the turn of February and March. At the same time you can visit the website and go to, for example, Facebook and Instagram, where you can find the new lifestyle brand under the name weareminy.


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