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  • Tokmanni strengthens its assortment with a new private label – The Pisara range of cleansing and beauty products provides freshness and wellbeing

Tokmanni strengthens its assortment with a new private label – The Pisara range of cleansing and beauty products provides freshness and wellbeing

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Tokmanni     Press release     9 September 2019 at 11:15 a.m.

Tokmannis private label Pisara

Finland’s leading discount retailer chain Tokmanni is launching a new private label called Pisara. Pisara will add even more variety to Tokmanni’s assortment of cleansing and beauty products. The first affordable Pisara products are already available at all Tokmanni stores and its online store.

Tokmanni’s goal is to extend the range of Pisara products in the near future with dozens of cleansing and skin, hair and body care products. Overall, the assortment is expected to be extended gradually to include over one hundred products. There are currently around 70 products sold under the Pisara private label, such as shower gels for adults and children; liquid soaps; razors, disposable razors and razor refills for shaving and hair removal; cotton wool pads; cleansing wipes for hands and face; moisturizing creams; tar shampoo; body scrub; foot cream and salt foot soak.

“Pisara is a new and constantly evolving private label that is attuned to the times and excellent value for money. The Pisara assortment suits every pocket and is ideal for everyday use,” says Minna Wegelius, Purchasing Manager, home and personal care.

The wishes and needs of Finnish consumers are taken into consideration in the development of the Pisara assortment. For example, the products’ fragrance concepts are created to appeal to Finns and, with their clear product name, look and logo, the product packages are designed to be easily recognisable.

“Tokmanni and its comprehensive product assortment have played an important role in the daily lives of Finns for several decades now, which means that we are very well acquainted with our customers and their purchasing habits. We will continue to listen closely to customers’ needs in the future to ensure that the Pisara assortment is constantly up-to-date and always recognises the changing seasons, phenomena and trends,” says Wegelius.

Tokmannis private label Pisara

Tokmanni’s private labels cover numerous product categories

Tokmanni’s wide and varied product assortment consists of leading international brand products, private label products, licensed brands and non-branded products.

In addition to the new Pisara assortment, Tokmanni’s private labels include, for instance, Iisi, Kotikulta, Brücke, Tok Garden, BBQ King, Pola, Priima, Future TT Sport, Energy+, Kraft, Elea, Autoplus, Peuhu, R-cover, Vaeltaja, Namipäivä and Ideale+. Together these cover all the product categories that are most important for Tokmanni: groceries; home cleaning and personal care; clothing; tools and electrical equipment; home, decoration and garden; leisure; home electronics.

In order to ensure that the assortment always offers current, interesting and useful products, Tokmanni carefully assesses customers’ consumer habits and the development of various trends.

“We want to meet all the daily needs of our customers as well as possible, both now and in the future. Our private label assortments enable us to offer our customers pleasing product finds and product batches, more choice and low prices. Pisara and our other private labels offer the best-possible value-for-money and the products are good alternatives for well-known international brand products,” says Mathias Kivikoski, Tokmanni’s Sales and Marketing Director. 


For further information, please contact: 

Mathias Kivikoski
Sales and Marketing Director

Tel. +358 20 728 6045

Maarit Mikkonen
Head of IR and Communications

Tel. +358 40 562 2282

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