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  • Tokmanni to open a new store in Jyväskylä city centre in late October – The new store in the Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre will be more spacious than its predecessor, with a more extensive selection

Tokmanni to open a new store in Jyväskylä city centre in late October – The new store in the Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre will be more spacious than its predecessor, with a more extensive selection

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Tokmanni     Press release     16 September 2021 at 3:25 p.m.

Tokmanni will open a new store in the extensively refurbished Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre in Jyväskylä on Thursday, 28 October 2021. The new store will replace the current Tokmanni store, which will be closed in the shopping centre in late October. The new store is approximately one third larger than its predecessor, with a significantly more extensive product selection. Tokmanni will continue to have two stores in Jyväskylä, one in the city centre and one in Seppälänkangas.

With the new store, Tokmanni will move to the refurbished first floor of the Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre in Jyväskylä. Tokmanni has had a store in the shopping centre since 2010. The new store will add almost 400 square metres to the total area. The total area of the new store is around 1,500 square metres. The Tokmanni store offers a more extensive selection than its predecessor, particularly in products related to beauty, health and well-being, clothing, interior decoration, cleaning, leisure and home electronics, in addition to seasonal products, non-perishable foods and beverages. The selection will also include various products for home improvement, for example.

The Tokmanni store in the Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre has been designed in line with the variety discount retailer’s newest store concept, which emphasises quick and easy shopping. The stores in this concept feature wide aisles, informative signage and well-defined departments for different products. The new location also offers easy access to public transport.

“The new location enables us to serve our customers in a more spacious and comfortable store, with a more extensive product selection. Our new store has a key location in the heart of Jyväskylä, on the first floor of the extensively refurbished Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre. The car park has plenty of parking space, and the location is also easily accessible by public transport,” says Timo Heimo, Vice President, Sales and Supply Chain at Tokmanni.

In the modern store, special attention has been paid to energy efficiency by means of LED lighting, for example. In line with the other Tokmanni stores, the new store also serves as a collection point for purchases made in the Tokmanni online store.

The personnel of the Tokmanni store in the Forum Jyväskylä shopping centre consist of around ten retail sector professionals. Customers will be served under the supervision of Store Manager Tiina Aho, with extensive opening hours, which will be announced closer to the opening. The address of the new store is Kauppakatu 20–22, first floor, 40100 Jyväskylä.

The current store will start a relocation sale in mid-September. It will be closed permanently at the end of its opening hours on Wednesday, 27 October 2021.

Special attention is paid to ensuring a safe shopping experience in the Tokmanni stores. More information about safety measures related to the coronavirus pandemic at Tokmanni is available in Finnish on the company website at www.tokmanni.fi/koronavirus.

Tokmanni’s chain will continue to grow

Tokmanni aims to expand its store network to more than 220 stores in Finland. Currently, Tokmanni has 195 stores throughout the country.

Tokmanni has announced that it will open new stores in Kittilä and Nurmijärvi, and in Rusko in Oulu. In addition, Tokmanni will relocate to better commercial premises in Leppävirta. Earlier this year, Tokmanni relocated to larger facilities in the Trio shopping centre in Lahti city centre, closed its store in Tornio, acquired the Kemi and Tornio stores of the TEX chain, and opened new stores in Kausala in Iitti and in the Kaari shopping centre in Kannelmäki in Helsinki. Tokmanni has also refurbished several of its stores around Finland this year.

A list of the most significant changes to the Tokmanni store network between 2016 and 2021, as well as changes that will be implemented in the near future and that have already been announced, can be found at ir.tokmanni.fi/en/investors/tokmanni-as-an-investment/new_stores.


For further information, please contact:

Timo Heimo
Vice President, Sales and Supply Chain

Tel. +358 20 728 6051

Harri Koponen
Vice President, Store Network and Concept

Tel. +358 20 728 6030

Maarit Mikkonen
Head of IR and Communications

Tel. +358 40 562 2282

Calls to a corporate number beginning with +358 20 7 from a landline or a mobile phone are EUR 0.0835 per minute + EUR 0.1669 per minute (incl. VAT 24%). Calls from outside Finland are subject to an international call charge.

Tokmanni is Finland’s leading variety discount retailer. Some 4,000 Tokmanni employees make customers’ everyday life and special occasions easier by offering a versatile and up-to-date assortment of Finnish and international brand-name products and other high-quality products at prices that are always affordable. With nearly 200 stores around Finland and an online store, Tokmanni is always close to its customers. Tokmanni’s revenue in 2020 amounted to EUR 1,073.2 million. Tokmanni shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.