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  • Tokmanni to open an expanded and renewed store in Turenki – the store will offer a much wider selection of products and a more pleasant shopping experience

Tokmanni to open an expanded and renewed store in Turenki – the store will offer a much wider selection of products and a more pleasant shopping experience

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Tokmanni     Press Release     29 March 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

Tokmannin myymlkuva

Tokmanni will open an expanded and renewed store in Turenki on Thursday 4 April 2019 at 8.00 a.m. The expansion will add roughly 1000 new products to the store’s selection. The main goal of the store renewal is to make the shopping experience more pleasant. As usual at the discount chain’s openings, the opening of the Tokmanni in Turenki will include special offers and free surprise buckets filled with product gifts.

In its renewed store, Tokmanni will offer a much wider selection of home renovation, interior decoration and leisure products than before. It also offers an extensive selection of dry foodstuffs and clothing, cleaning, beauty, health, wellbeing and home electronics goods.

The Tokmanni in Turenki has a recycling point for small electronics, a garden department with yard and garden goods and a point for picking up items bought from the Tokmanni online shop. The renewed store will also sell Veikkaus gaming products.

The spacious store, informative signage and energy-efficient LED lighting offer a pleasant and modern shopping experience. The placement of products and product categories has also been renewed. In addition, a few new employees have been recruited. The store has a personnel of 18 customer service professionals, including Hannele Kemppi, the Store Manager.

With the extension, the retail space of the Tokmanni in Turenki will grow substantially, by some 1,050 square metres from roughly 2,650 square metres to roughly 3,700 square metres.

“Thanks to the extension and other store modernisation, we can meet our customers’ expectations even better than before. Our store in Turenki will not only have more personnel and more to buy but it will also be a much more pleasant place to shop,” says Mathias Kivikoski, Tokmanni’s Sales and Marketing Director.

From Thursday, the opening day, to the following Sunday, the Tokmanni in Turenki will have a large number of special offers. And as usual at Tokmanni openings, free surprise buckets filled with product gifts will be handed out. A total of 500 surprise buckets will be given to the first customers on the opening morning.

As of its opening, the store will be open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The store’s address is Sokeriportti 1, 14200 Turenki.  

Tokmanni’s chain will continue to grow and renew 

Tokmanni’s target is to increase its store chain to more than 200 stores and to add a net of 12,000 square metres of new retail space every year, which means around five new or relocated stores. At the time of the opening in Turenki, Tokmanni will have 188 stores around Finland.

The first half of this year will be a very busy period because, in addition to the renewal and expansion of the store in Turenki, the discount chain will renew its store in Kehräämöntie in Kajaani, open a new store in Tesoma in Tampere and move to new premises in Hanko and Juuka. What is more, before the end of April, Tokmanni will open the eight Ale-Makasiini chain stores it acquired last year under the Tokmanni chain brand. In the near future, the TEX chain store in Kemijärvi and the Säästökuoppa chain store in Sodankylä, now owned by Tokmanni, will also be opened under the Tokmanni brand.  

Earlier in the spring, Tokmanni opened a former TEX chain store under the Tokmanni brand in the centre of Rovaniemi. In addition, in mid-March Tokmanni centralised all of its store operations in Siilinjärvi into the Tokmanni store that has been in operation in the town for a long time by closing the Ale-Makasiini located other premises. 

During the autumn, Tokmanni will expand its store network to two new locations, Vääksy and Virrat.¹) 

¹) https://ir.tokmanni.fi/en/investors/tokmanni-as-an-investment/new_stores  


For further information, please contact:  

Mathias Kivikoski
Sales and Marketing Director

Tel. +358 20 728 6045

Maarit Mikkonen
Investor Relations and Communications Manager

Tel. +358 40 562 2282

Tokmanni is Finland’s leading discount retailer chain. Some 3,600 Tokmanni employees make customers’ everyday life and special occasions easier by offering a versatile and up-to-date assortment of Finnish and international brand-name products and other high-quality products at prices that are always affordable. With nearly 200 stores around Finland and an online store, Tokmanni is always close to its customers. Tokmanni’s net sales in 2018 amounted to EUR 870.4 million. Tokmanni’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.