Option programs in TOMRA

In advance of today’s extraordinary shareholders meeting, where the Board proposed continuation of the existing policy through a new option program, one Norwegian investor notified TOMRA that they would vote against this proposal. TOMRA seeks to achieve consensus decisions on this type of issues, and the Board therefore chose to postpone this point to the next general meeting.

International investors demand management involvement through shares or option programs, while options are viewed very negatively in Norway. In this minefield, TOMRA has to maneuver to the best of all shareholders. The Board will therefore contact all known major shareholders, where the majority is international investors, to clarify their opinion about the use of incentive programs for the future.

<br>Questions can be directed to the chairman, Jan Chr. Opsahl, on telephone <br>+47 9828 9828 or Tharald Brøvig at telephone +47 9203 3153. <br> <br>Asker, 21 November 2000 <br>Tomra Systems ASA <br> <br>Jan Chr. Opsahl <br>Chairman <br>