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Asker, 17 October 2000 <br> <br>The Board of Directors <br>TOMRA SYSTEMS ASA <br> <br>Jan Chr. Opsahl <br>Chairman <br> <br>Erik Thorsen <br>President & CEO <br> <br>It is possible to watch a video presentation of the 3Q results on the Internet. <br>Two options are available: <br> <br>Time and date of web broadcast: Tuesday, 17th October 2000, 12.30 CET <br>Content: 15 minute recorded interview of CEO Erik Thorsen, presenting the 3Q results (English) <br>Produced by: TOMRA SYSTEMS ASA <br>Link to view video: <a href=""></a> <br> <br>Time and date of web broadcast: Tuesday, 17th October 2000, 15.30 CET <br>Content: Actual recording of the analyst presentation at Hotel Continental in Oslo, on 17.10.00, 12.30 CET (English) <br>Produced by: <br>Link to view video: <a href=""></a> (see section:"Library of recorded hearings"). <br> <br>Requirements: <br>To watch the presentations you'll need the Real Player application, which is freeware. Click on the URL below and choose "Free Real Player G2 with basic features", marked in black text. <br> <br><a href=></a> <br> <br>The commercial version of Real Player is not required for this service. <br>For more information about Real Player error messages, visit <br> <br><a href=></a> <br> <br>If your company is using a firewall, you are likely to experience problems with downloading some applications and using Real Player. If you receive an error message, your company's firewall probably doesn't allow Real Player broadcasts, or you haven't installed the latest version of Real Player. Consult with your network administrator to resolve network problems. <br> <br>Depending on your modem, it may take some time to download the presentation - usually 10-20 seconds using ISDN, longer with a 28K modem. <br>


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