We are committed to serve our growing local customer base in these reliable shopping center premises. Long-term lease in good location helps to build and maintain valuable long-term customer relations.
Jussi Tallgren, CFO,
The new store will not only increase the growth of our business but create dozens of new jobs in the region. Good premises, including both location and management of the property, add more value to our other operations.
Toni Stigzelius, Managing Director, XXL Sports & Outdoor Finland
It is always a pleasure to see how the different needs of the different parties meet in retail property lease negotiations for locations like Lahti and Pirkkala. High occupancy rates of the retail properties as well as stable and committed tenants not only enliven the region locally but increase the value of the properties themselves.
Reima Södervall, CEO, Trevian Asset Management Oy
We are pleased that our co-operation and relationship with H.I.G. continues to grow and we had the possibility to enter to the Norwegian real estate investment markets together with them. After one successful year of co-operation in Finland, we are grateful for the continuation of trust towards Trevian.
Reima Södervall, CEO of Trevian Asset Management Oy
Together with H.I.G. Capital we are very happy to introduce with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Collector two strong new actors to the Finnish market.
Lorenz Merk, Partner, Trevian Group
We see this successful financing both as a sign of confidence in our business and the portfolio, as well as a positive signal to the Finnish real estate market in general.
Lorenz Merk, Partner, Trevian Group
With over €13 billion of equity capital under management, H.I.G. Capital is one of the leading equity investment companies currently operating in United States and Europe. Our co-operation with HIG and Cording is a significant vote of confidence to Trevian’s business approach and we are looking forward to expanding these relationships.
Reima Södervall, Managing Director of Trevian Asset Management Oy
We are pleased with our working relationship with Trevian and have great confidence to grow this platform substantially in the future.
Will Amies, Director of Business Development of Cording Real Estate Group
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