Uros partners with Vodafone to expand the Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi footprint

  • Uros and Vodafone reach an agreement to expand the Goodspeed internet service coverage
  • In the first stage, twelve new destinations will be launched and more destinations will follow  

Uros, the provider of Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi, today announces a partnership with Vodafone. This partnership enables a significant expansion in the Goodspeed low cost global internet service. Uros will use Vodafone’s and its roaming partners’ networks to enhance the Goodspeed service footprint.

Twelve new Goodspeed destinations will be launched in July. In Europe Albania, Malta, Romania and Turkey will be added. The new Goodspeed countries in Africa are Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania. At the same time New Zealand will be included in the coverage.

In the first stage, the agreement will bring the total number of low cost business roaming destinations to 77. More destinations will be included in the service as the agreement with Vodafone develops.

Tommi Uhari, CEO of Uros, comments: “With Vodafone contributing to our global footprint, we can be sure our customers can connect confidently wherever they go. We believe this agreement is a great step forward in our mission to remove issues related to international data roaming.”

Goodspeed mobile Wi-Fi service helps companies overcome their mobile connectivity challenges. The service is enabled by the Goodspeed hotspot, which can accommodate up to ten SIM cards, including the user’s own SIMs. The device and destination SIM cards can be purchased from goodspeed.io, and through Goodspeed direct sales channels, including Business Sales and official Goodspeed distributors before travelling. With Goodspeed, international travellers can create a private WLAN network and share the connection with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices, and use data as if at home for a predictable fixed fee.

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About Uros
Uros Ltd is the provider of Goodspeed, an innovative mobile Wi-Fi hotspot solution that delivers high speed, low-cost, international mobile internet access. The company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland and made up of a seasoned and experienced team of mobile professionals. Since the launch of Goodspeed in the autumn of 2012, Uros has rapidly expanded the service to cover Europe, U.S., Canada, Latin America, Russia, Asia, Australia and China with plans to expand the coverage even further. For more information on Uros visit uros.com, and on Goodspeed at goodspeed.io.


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UROS provides turnkey IoT and global connectivity solutions for a broad range of vertical industries, mobile operators, corporates and consumers through its IoT platform. UROS’ award-winning technology is developed in-house and holds several patents globally. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, UROS was recently named the fastest growing company in the country. For additional information visit uros.com.



With Vodafone contributing to our global footprint, we can be sure our customers can connect confidently wherever they go.
Tommi Uhari, CEO of Uros