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    We are incredibly proud of our Innovation Center team for their dedicated effort on building this space from the ground up and creating something truly unique. UROS has always believed in the power of partnerships, and this time has been no different. We are excited that so many leading companies have already joined the Innovation Center and want to thank them for their valuable contribution.
    Rauno Jokelainen, UROS CTO & Country Manager
    We are proud to receive this recognition from HKB Technology Awards for our transformative water technology. One of our core ambitions at UROS is to help solve some of the greatest problems of our time, and several of those are linked to water. We are excited to work with municipalities, cities and governments to make an impact where it counts with the help of our technology.
    Herbert Chan, UROS General Manager, APAC & Greater China
    We are very happy to deepen our partnership with Kärpät. Across all our businesses, our mission is to make the IoT promise a reality. We want our solutions, devices and technologies to enable new actions, so that our customers can do or experience something they couldn't before. Kärpät is committed to offering their fans the best experience possible, making them the perfect match for this pilot.
    Juho Kokkonen, UROS Vice President, Operations
    Kärpät has a history of pioneering new projects, and we begin piloting this interesting new innovation together with UROS with an open mind. Our goal is to engage the fans and encourage them to become a part of a more active hockey game event through using modern technology, and to offer even more new services in the future for our fans, partners and other companies.
    Tommi Virkkunen, Managing Director of Kärpät Oulu
    UROS is enhancing digitalisation in various verticals with a unique IoT technologies and Smart Connectivity innovative solutions. University of Oulu wants to benefit its research results of the 6G Flagship program and IoT technology in the society in cooperation with the industry. UROS as a pioneer, a company that applies IoT technologies and Smart Connectivity technology to various verticals, is an optimal partner for the co-operation.
    Arto Maaninen, Vice Rector of Oulu University
    We are very proud to partner with the University of Oulu. They are known for their world-class research, for example in the field of wireless communications engineering, which is a great fit with our technologies and capabilities. There are major challenges facing society today that cannot be solved without strong partnerships across industry and academia that bring together researchers and students with leading technology and expertise.
    Rauno Jokelainen, CTO, UROS Group
    At Lahti Aqua, our strategic goals are high quality, low cost, low risk and customer service. We are a modern water operator with the highest customer satisfaction in our class, and we continuously strive to improve our operations in all areas of the water cycle. In wastewater management and sanitation planning, we have relied heavily on frequent sampling and laboratory analysis in order to acquire a sufficient amount of information to monitor the performance of our processes.
    Hannu Mustonen, CEO of Lahti Palvelu Ltd.
    With this announcement we are excited to share that Lahti is now the latest city to deploy our water technology in Finland. At UROS, our international water business has seen excellent growth, and it’s always a pleasure to help water utilities in our home country to take further steps in digitalization. The uniqueness of our UROS Sense service is not only in improving environmental aspects for water quality monitoring, but also in how it can change a water utility’s mode of operations by enabling effectiveness with new data insights.
    Juho Kokkonen, UROS Vice President, Operations
    5G connectivity is a vital enabler for industry digitalisation with Cellular IoT. Elisa has been an excellent partner for the deployment of the new private 5G network at the Innovation Center, well on schedule and with the desired performance. With this added premium functionality, we strive to offer the best-in-class innovation environment for the stakeholders in our IoT ecosystem.
    Rauno Jokelainen, CTO of UROS Group
    Elisa is very excited about this collaboration with UROS in the brand new field of 5G. We get very valuable experiences on the usage of 5G technologies also for private networks and massive IoT.
    Eetu Prieur, Director of Elisa’s Mobile Solutions
    The best partners are those who can add value to our visitors. In addition to the naming rights deal, we are looking forward to working with UROS on a digital platform that will bring together all the services related to the arena experience.
    Marko Hurme, CEO, UROS LIVE
    With this announcement we are excited to share the news of our branching out into the digital experience space, an extension of our commitment to strategically develop smart city solutions. We will bring together event stakeholders into one platform and harness the power of AI to create new value for all parties in the ecosystem, transforming the event experience, as we know it today. UROS will digitalize the technology enablers for service providers and UROS LIVE in Tampere, Finland; will serve as the first deployment globally.
    Jerry Raatikainen, CEO, UROS Group
    The thriving and progressive future cities will provide services that are digital, user-friendly, as well as end-user-driven. These are also the key drivers of the City of Tampere, and we will take one-step closer to making them real today when our Arena forms a partnership with one of the forefront companies of the IoT industry in Finland, UROS Group. The new arena UROS LIVE is a significant milestone to the City of Tampere and our citizens. It enhances our means to host and organize major events all year round. Tampere works toward becoming the leading city of attractions, events, and amusement in the Nordics.
    Lauri Lyly, Mayor of the City of Tampere
    As a front runner in the IoT space, UROS has achieved notable and persistent growth. During the past year we have strengthened the company’s management to accompany and support the growth, culminating in the appointment of Juha Vanhainen as CEO of UROS Ltd. Juha is a respected leader and I am confident in his ability to develop the company and continue building on our strong momentum.
    Jyrki Hallikainen, UROS Founder & Chairman of the Board
    I am excited about the opportunity to join one of the biggest growth stories of the Finnish economy. My long experience in international business, listed companies and on several boards will certainly add value to the next stages of growth of this great company. I am really looking forward to working with the skilled and experienced employees at UROS, and taking the company forward together.
    Juha Vanhainen, CEO, UROS Ltd
    Our mission is to introduce the most advanced smart water and environmental technologies from Finland, and to work with Chinese partners to develop cutting-edge IoT technologies best matching with China's national conditions and market characteristics, in order to achieve integrated governance and sustainable development of the environment, as well as improved management and protection of natural resources.
    Herbert Chan, UROS General Manager, Greater China and APAC
    I’m very excited about this joint initiative with Thundercomm and the Finnish government with support from Qualcomm Technologies. I see this as a first step in establishing a place where new technology can be introduced to the region on an ongoing basis to explore new possibilities. UROS is proud to be able to provide new opportunities and enablement for local and EU-wide players while advancing Finland’s innovation agenda on national and international levels.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    Qualcomm invents the fundamental technologies that change how the world connects, computes, and communicates. The continuing development of the Internet of Things will have a profound impact on a wide range of industries – from smart agriculture to consumer robotics to connected factories – and we are very excited to support the opening of this Innovation Center with Thundercomm, UROS and the Finnish government to accelerate the pace of IoT development in Finland and Europe.
    Jeff Lorbeck, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IoT, Qualcomm Technologies.
    UROS’ mission is to develop cutting edge IoT technology with local and global impact. We are very pleased to be part of the Russian water digitalisation process, and to see our technology enable the improved management and protection of natural resources, thus addressing some of the environmental challenges we face today.
    Pekka Puolakka, UROS Group CLO and President
    We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Jan to the team. His impressive experience in the industry, his ambition and characteristic energy make Jan a perfect fit to the company leadership. I know we can expect great things from him in his new role.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    I’m very excited to be part of the industry phenomenon named UROS. The deep knowhow of the team coupled with long standing industry knowledge have created a truly unique set of offering looking to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems when moving to a connected society. UROS is well positioned to become a household name for anyone in the industry whom wants good solutions to connect their world.
    Jan Lattunen, UROS Group CCO and President for Americas
    We are very excited to have Oscar onboard and look forward to the drive and vision he will contribute to the progress of working towards our mission. His appointment reinforces our global growth strategy and strengthens our position in Europe.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    I am truly impressed with the accomplishments and strategic relationships UROS has been able to build and execute on. Our large existing customer base and global mobile data volumes in combination with the extensive connectivity needs in the growing new vertical solutions is forming a solid base for building our future success and expansion plan.
    Oscar Falkman, UROS Group CSO
    Rauno's appointment marks a milestone in the advancement of UROS’ global IoT and 5G activities. We are thrilled to have such a pioneer onboard and trust him to do a remarkable job in his new role.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    I am proud to join this forward-thinking and innovative technology business. I’m highly inspired by UROS vision and their track record in massive business growth over the last few years. I’m very excited to join this dynamic team.
    Rauno Jokelainen, UROS Group CTO
    Qualcomm Technologies has always been committed to transforming industries and enriching lives and we are thrilled to have our technology support the next generation of mobile computing for industrial frontline workers through the efforts of RealWear and UROS.
    Hugo Swart, Head of XR, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    By combining a shared vision for digital transformation and the strengths of UROS and RealWear, we will deliver great customer experiences for businesses around the world operating in the manufacturing, energy and automotive industries, to name a few. The similarities in our companies’ ethos make the partnership with RealWear a strong fit, and from a technological perspective our existing relationship with Qualcomm Technologies will contribute further momentum.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    RealWear is proud to have HMT-1s and HMT-1Z1s help accelerate digitization in Kazakhstan with the support of UROS and Qualcomm Technologies.
    Andy Lowery, Cofounder and CEO of RealWear
    This local 5G network micro-operator functionality is a great achievement of UROS and University of Oulu collaboration on 5G technology. University of Oulu is a highly recognized institution in wireless communication area and UROS is excited to work with the University teams to enable new innovations in 5G era.
    Aimo Vainio, UROS Vice President of Product Creation, IoT
    UROS, as our new research partner, has demonstrated to have an encouraging technical solution to support the establishment of local 5G networks by providing the means for users to roam to these local networks. This gives us high motivation to continue the research co-operation.
    Matti Latva-aho, University of Oulu Director for 6G Flagship
    We met the leaders at UROS through our partnership with Qualcomm. We found that their goals align with ours to create a terrific strategic fit.
    OneScreen CEO, Sufian Munir
    We discovered that OneScreen produces the most innovative collaboration solutions out there today. It’s been a delight working with them and it’s been a perfect arrangement for us.
    UROS Group CEO, Jerry Raatikainen
    We are very excited to have completed this qualification which will give Motorola a new competitive edge by strengthening and improving Motorola smartphone users’ experience abroad by connecting them affordably through the Goodspeed service, no matter where they are in the world. Businesses using Motorola smartphones will also benefit by being able to empower their employees with greater efficiency and productivity on the go, as they are able to stay connected.
    UROS Group CEO Mr. Jerry Raatikainen
    We are proud to design, manufacture and offer the best smartphones in the world and happy that UROS chose Motorola as the platform to promote their smart connectivity to the global connected users. Certainly Motorola’s customers will be delighted with an additional solution available to them.
    Global Geo Portfólio Executive Director at Motorola, Mr. Edson Bortolli
    The partnership is a solid strategic fit, leveraging both parties’ respective strengths. Samruk-Kazyna Invest LLP is a minor stakeholder in a number business and economic areas in Kazakhstan, and the relationship with them represents the beginning of a significant expansion for UROS’ presence in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and reflects the new momentum to Kazakh-Finnish mutually beneficial economic cooperation.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    We are pleased to partner with the leading global IoT company UROS in this proposed Joint Venture for the digitalization journey of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This partnership supports the state program Digital Kazakhstan and will span across various industries. Coinciding with the Joint Venture signing ceremony, UROS also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mayor of Aktobe region regarding the implementation of UROS IoT technologies in one of the most industrial areas of Kazakhstan.
    Mr. Abdymomunov Nurzhan, CEO of Samruk-Kazyna Invest LLP
    UROS – a leader in the Smart Water Cycle area – will leverage its technical expertise to benefit the established IoT ecosystem through increased performance and deployment flexibility for end-to-end hardware and software solutions. Effectively, this makes UROS the one-stop-shop for this IoT ecosystem. The first joint Smart Water Cycle pilot is already ongoing in Finland. We are very proud to work with Qualcomm Technologies.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS Group CEO
    Qualcomm Technologies creates the breakthrough technologies that change how the world connects, computes, and communicates. We are proud to help enable UROS as they break new ground in the field of Smart City IoT with this exciting new project.
    Jeff Torrance, Vice President, Business Development, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
    UROS already actively supplies turnkey solutions to various verticals, and by working with Tata Communications, we can further reinforce the consistently high-quality and reliable user experience to our customers throughout their digital transformation journey.
    Jerry Raatikainen, CEO UROS Group
    There are huge opportunities for organisations across sectors to transform how they operate and serve their customers through new, always-connected services and applications. We look forward to leveraging our relationships with more than 600 mobile network operators worldwide to help UROS’ customers innovate and accelerate their growth through IoT.
    Anthony Bartolo, Chief Product Officer, Tata Communications
    The launch of the new and enhanced service demonstrates our commitment to Goodspeed Roaming App users as well as our capabilities in developing the most innovative global connectivity solutions.
    Jerry Raatikainen, CEO UROS GROUP
    Goodspeed Roaming will be expanded to ZTE's premium product portfolio.
    Jerry Raatikainen, UROS CEO
    eSIM will provide great opportunities for MNOs to create new and innovative products and solutions for consumers.
    Mika Alamartimo, eSIM Program Manager at UROS
    Russian holidaymakers and business travelers are consuming data abroad to an increasing extent. I believe such a roaming service will convince Russian customers.
    Vadim Grichpoun, Chairman of the Board, Goodspeed Rent RUS
    We are truly delighted to be recognized for our effort in developing new low costs global roaming solutions for MVNOs who struggle with the implementation of the European Roaming Regulation.
    Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, UROS CEO
    Mr. Raatikainen is expected to strengthen UROS’ role as the leader in uncovering the vast and untapped value of silent roamers while extending and increasing company growth.
    Jyrki Hallikainen, UROS Chairman of the Board
    CTG’s eSIM coverage will be available for smartphones and Goodspeed mobile hotspot devices as well as future IoT devices globally.
    Jyrki Hallikainen, UROS Chairman of the Board
    The eSIM solution will be available in smartphones and Goodspeed mobile hotspot devices as well as future IoT devices globally.
    Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, UROS CEO
    With this launch we are aggressively targeting the silent roamer segment.
    Jyrki Hallikainen, UROS Chairman of the Board
    Offering global IoT connectivity for Pisara’s water management solution follows UROS’ strategy to expand the company’s connectivity technology beyond the telecoms sector, into new industry verticals.
    Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, UROS CEO
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