The Museum of Fossil Fuels opens in Sweden – "A fossil-free life is soon a reality"

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Sweden often tops global sustainability rankings. Now, the world's first fossil fuel museum is opening in the country. "The shift will go much faster than we think, especially in the area of transportation, and fossil-fuels will be a thing of the past," says Susanna Hurtig, Nordic Head of InCharge at Vattenfall, the power company that is initiator of the museum.

In 2019, the sound of combustion engines, the scent of petrol and filling your fuel tank at your local petrol station are still normal everyday occurrences for most people. But not for much longer. The demand for emissions-free transportation will soon make fossil fuels only a subject in history books. According to a number of experts, the shift will not take more than a generation, when the fossil epoch also can be immortalized in a museum, starting now. On 23 August, The Museum of Fossil Fuels will open in Stockholm.

"Vattenfall's goal is to enable fossil-free living within one generation, a goal we fully believe is attainable. This means that the children of those born today will never experience many of the things we take for granted now. At The Museum of Fossil Fuels, you will be able to experience the sounds, smells, culture and phenomena that will have disappeared. It gives you the opportunity to see how a more sustainable future will look back on our times," says Susanna Hurtig, Nordic Head of E-Mobility at Vattenfall.

Museum visitors will be able to smell the scents particular to fossil fuels, hear the accounts of eyewitnesses, listen to the sounds of engines and motorways, partake in the pop culture inspired by the times and experience a replica of a petrol station. The museum looks back on a time of fossil fuels with a particular focus on the transportation industry. It also investigates and explains the importance fuel had on people, from a new, innovative perspective.

About The Museum of Fossil Fuels
The museum collects objects and information regarding humanity's fossil history, from the 19th century to the beginning of the 21st. The museum will show you how cars were run on fuel, on the culture that fuel created and the road to becoming a fossil-free society.

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