• Fredrik Carling

    CEO, Veg of Lund

    Carlsgatan 12A SE-211 20 Malmö Sweden
    +46 703 121 942
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    In this situation, I take on the role of chair and will lead the board’s work to strengthen the company’s business model, strategy and relationships
    Eva Tornberg, chairwoman of Veg of Lund
    The nomination committee has been informed that Håkan has requested to leave his position as chairman of the board with immediate effect
    Kaj Söderström, chairman of the nomination committee
    During the fourth quarter, my focus has been to create the conditions for a performance that drives growth and steers the company towards profitability in the long term. The company's strategy, established in 2022, provides a clear roadmap. Cost-efficient growth at a high pace is best achieved by complementing the current business model with two new and well-defined main strands: distributor sales and sale of licenses.
    Fredrik Carling, CEO
    The agreement with CCP AG marks the start of the updated business model where distributor and license partnerships will be cornerstones for the company growth moving forward. I look forward to having experienced and dedicated resources on the ground in Germany, supplied by our newly appointed German contractor.
    Fredrik Carling, CEO Veg of Lund.
    The agreement with CLF is the start of an exciting phase of growth and outreach for Veg of Lund. With CLF we get access to a whole range of likeminded, eco-conscious customers who drive a significant proportion of our consumer education.
    Fredrik Carling, CEO of Veg of Lund
    We have been given the opportunity to gather our operations at a reputable address in Lund, in an area where several innovative research and development companies are active. The new premises, with offices and a simpler test kitchen, provide a good opportunity for closer collaboration between our employees in research/development and those who work with marketing/sales
    Fredrik Carling, CEO of Veg of Lund
    We are pleased that a patent is also approved at European level. The fact it is based on such an everyday crop as potatoes, shows the uniqueness and strength of the patent
    Eva Tornberg, founder and board member of Veg of Lund
    It is very gratifying that Migros chooses to launch DUG. The chain has a strong market position in Switzerland and the fact that our drink will be sold in 486 of their stores means that we have a great opportunity to reach many new consumers. We assess that the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland, together DACH, will be a good complement to our established markets Sweden and United Kingdom
    Fredrik Carling, managing director at Veg of Lund
    We are looking forward to launching DUG in total of 486 of our stores in week 10/2023 and believe it is a good addition to the continuous expansion of plant-based milk offering at Migros
    Thomas Hirt, Head of Purchasing dairy products
    We have signed an agreement with an established manufacturer with long experience in plant-based food production in modern facilities in several locations in Europe. Veg of Lund’s strategy is to outsource production of our products to certified and competent partners in close geographical proximity to the markets where DUG is sold
    Fredrik Carling, CEO of Veg of Lund
    Now in November, we have also launched DUG Smoothie in Sweden. The already highly regarded My Foodie line has been integrated into the DUG brand and meets the demand for a plant-based, non-allergenic snack with the lowest fructose content on the market. This is a position in which we are looking forward to establish ourselves, beginning in Sweden and later, in 2023, at the international level
    Fredrik Carling, Chief Executive Officer
    We have drawn on our patents and experience with potato-based beverages to update DUG Smoothie. This makes the drink the perfect option for those who want a tasty and healthy snack
    Fredrik Carling, CEO of Veg of Lund
    FCB has recently started its cooperation with Veg of Lund and we see that there is a demand for healthy smoothies that are also good for people and the planet
    Martin Trnovsky, CEO of First Class Brands
    The letter of intent is a step in our strategy to license the production of our proprietary foods to established players with extensive experience in premium consumer products. We look forward to working with partners who have a strong position in countries with large populations, well-developed infrastructure and an interest in healthy and sustainable food. Vietnam and Thailand have around 155 million inhabitants and both countries are at the top of the list when it comes to consumption of plant-based beverages
    Fredrik Carling, CEO of Veg of Lund.
    There is incredible growth throughout our region and in a short time DenEast has become a leading producer and distributor in Vietnam and surrounding countries. We have access to a great ecosystem that includes the specialist skills and local knowledge needed to quickly establish new products and reach profitability. Among other things, DenEast will be working with a marketing specialist in a company run by experienced Swedes who have previously worked with international brands such as IKEA, Kellogg's, Nestlé and Unilever
    Johan Bodén, CEO of DenEast.
    Emma has had a dual role for some time, as acting CEO in parallel with her CFO role. She has been an important person during a transitional period and we on the Board appreciate her commitment and knowledgeable approach to managing the company and its operations. We wish her every success in her new role
    Håkan K Pålsson, Chairman of the Board of Veg of Lund
    I joined the Veg of Lund board to contribute knowledge about fast-moving consumer goods, FMCG. Now that the company has an updated strategy, a good organisation in place in the UK and an agreement with First Class Brands of Sweden AB for sales processing in the Swedish market, I no longer feel that I contribute enough to the board work or to the organisation to stay on. Therefore, I have decided to leave the Board
    Magnus Nordin
    Veg of Lund is in a very interesting stage of company development and international expansion based on strong patents for plant-based foods. These are areas that I find very exciting and that fit my experience, my areas of expertise and my personal interests
    Anders Gustafsson
    The UK and Irish markets have undergone positive developments, and there is considerable interest from consumers as well as major food companies that include DUG® in their vegetarian meals.
    Emma Källqvist, acting Chief Executive Officer and CFO
    Fredrik Carling’s international background and experience as CEO of Hövding will contribute strongly to Veg of Lund’s continued development with a focus on sales and business development – I look forward to working together with Fredrik
    Håkan K Pålsson, Chairman Veg of Lund
    I look forward to joining Veg of Lund and building on the start-up and fantastic product innovation that already exists in the company. Establishing existing and new products globally together with a driven and competent organisation and board will be an exciting task
    Fredrik Carling, incoming CEO of Veg of Lund
    The current market conditions affect the operations of the companies I am assigned to and unfortunately, I am forced to prioritise my time in a different way than I could have foreseen when I accepted the assignment in Veg of Lund. Veg of Lund has an experienced and competent board and I have complete confidence in the company’s board and management and that they can implement the new strategy as planned
    Fred Holmberg
    With an updated strategy, we aim to achieve a more business-driven approach based on the conditions in each market. The Board believes that the hybrid model, i.e. an own organisation in a few key markets in combination with licensees and/or dealers in other countries, will shorten the time to achieve profitability in the business compared to the previous model
    Håkan K Pålsson, Chairman of the Board of Veg of Lund
    Veg of Lund is at this stage a growth company and in connection with expansions the company is in need of external financing. The company’s objective is to finance its operations from current revenues from the sale of its products. Veg of Lund will more quickly establish and strengthen its position as a leading and innovative food company. With clearer goals, we will accelerate and build on the solid work that our organisation has carried out. Focus and various collaborations give us the right conditions to create value for our customers, consumers as well as employees, shareholders and society at large
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO
    More clearly defined sales strategy aims to strengthen profitability and consolidate DUG®’s position as a leading brand among plant-based foods
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO
    This is another step in our strategy to expand our patent portfolio and opt for new innovative products based on our unique knowledge of potatoes
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    The agreement with FCB and Humble Group ensures that we will establish a significantly stronger presence and distribution of DUG throughout Sweden compared to what we have today. Through the agreement, we will now work closely with Sweden’s top sales forces who have extensive experience in establishing new brands in grocery stores in categories that focus on health and sustainability. We thus see good opportunities to establish DUG’s position as a well-known brand and through the cooperation we are one step closer to our vision of becoming the leader in the category of plant-based, healthy and sustainable beverages
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    We look forward to helping DUG establish more products in the Swedish grocery market by leveraging Humble Group’s and FCB’s ecosystem of high quality FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) services. By partnering with the first external brand in FCB’s portfolio and DUG’s exciting position in the foodtech vertical, we believe it is an attractive opportunity to open the door for more consumers to consume food that is better for people and the planet. We currently have no similar brand in our portfolio, so it is natural to establish a close working relationship with Veg of Lund AB and accelerate their growth while leveraging our captain position in retail as a player for the future of FMCG
    Martin Trnovsky, CEO of First Class Brands of Sweden
    Potato dairy alts are the next innovation in a rapidly growing category and Wholefoods Wholesale are proud to be partnering with DUG to develop their brand in Ireland
    David Morrin, Commercial Manager at Wholefoods Wholesale
    Ireland and potatoes have strong historical ties, and it feels great that DUG can be part of that story. We are very excited about the interest in DUG in several English-speaking countries where we have received strong support from leading media in both Europe and the US
    Emma Källqvist, Acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    The UK sales organisation has done a exceptionally good job since the launch of DUG in June 2021. I had the privilege of meeting the sales team, customers and consumers during my visit to the UK last week and I was met with great interest and commitment. That’s why I’m particularly pleased to welcome Freya and Amy to Veg of Lund.
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    Our cooperation with UK food companies is important to Veg of Lund. Our partnership with Food Team International means that we reach out to many players in a customer category that demands high quality throughout the chain and at the same time provides inspiration. In addition to being the best alternative in vegetable dishes, DUG works great to replace animal milk in several recipes
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    “Waitrose has ordered the first shipments and we are excited about their customers' reception. Waitrose is a grocery chain that stands for quality at all levels, as a royal supplier and a strong brand internationally too
    Emma Källqvist, Acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    The launch of DUG in our stores has started well and sales are in line with some of our more established plant-based drink dairy alternatives. We look forward to working closely with Veg of Lund to inspire and educate our customers about the new alternatives to animal milk that are available in the UK
    Alice Shrubsall, buyer at Waitrose & Partners
    Among the potential logistics partners we looked at, NTEX has the flexibility and ability to tailor shipments to our customers in Europe, Asia and North America that we are looking for. NTEX also has in-house staff, a proven and ambitious sustainability work and is at the forefront of e-commerce solutions,” says Per Henrik Johnson, Head of Supply Chain at Veg of Lund
    Per Henrik Johnson, Head of Supply Chain at Veg of Lund
    Our flexibility allows us to optimise and tailor according to our customers’ different needs. For example, this can involve replacing traditional truck transport with cost-effective alternatives such as rail and sea transport to minimise the carbon footprint
    Thomas Ström, founder and CEO of NTEX
    The launch of DUG in our strategic markets Sweden and the United Kingdom, and in other selected geographies, continues. During the spring and the summer, we will raise awareness through various activities aiming to strengthen our brand and promote knowledge about the nutritious, sustainable, and tasty profile of DUG
    Emma Källqvist, acting Chief Executive Officer and CFO
    Professional kitchens and larger manufacturers of various food products are a customer category we see as important for our growth in our strategic markets
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund.
    We are working together with Food Team International, who are well known in this sector for their reliability and service in addition to their expertise in frozen plant-based dishes
    Graham Stonadge, Veg of Lund’s UK Sales Manager
    “Zebra is in the starting block with its business and has a clear vision of a more sustainable food supply, just like Veg of Lund. We look forward to reaching out together to customers and consumers who want good and healthy products, produced and delivered in the most sustainable way
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund
    We are proud to have DUG on board with us since I know we will make great things together, spreading the right choices in eating different but better
    Emanuele Angeloni Co-Founder & CMO at Zebra
    In this situation, we want the Board to be able to be operational in the company’s key processes such as sales and development of new markets
    Kaj Söderström, Chairman of the nomination committee
    As appetite for sustainable alternatives increases, DUG is a great addition to our wide range of products on Ocado, helping our customers get their hands on tasty plant-based milk alternatives as part of their regular food shop
    Rachel Eales, Buying Manager at Ocado Retail
    “ has proven that it is possible to sell food to consumers online
    Emma Källqvist, acting CEO and CFO of Veg of Lund.
    Bestway has 56 cash & carry’s and an efficient infrastructure, and together we look forward to the opportunity to expand the plant-based foods, the fastest growing food categories in the UK. Before Christmas, the first delivery of approximately 60,000 units will be made to Bestway’s Central Distribution Centre for distribution to the company’s largest 30 depots
    Cecilia Lindwall, CEO of Veg of Lund
    We are very excited about our partnership with the Health Made Easy Group, which has several well-known UK brands such as Tree and Life, the Health Store and Higher Nature
    Cecilia Lindwall, CEO
    Plant-based milks are an important part of our business and we look forward to offering the great tasting DUG potato milk as it’s sustainability credentials and allergen friendly constitution are exactly what our customers and consumers are looking for
    Julian Wright, Group Buying Director, Health Made Easy
    I am delighted to be working with the team at Nasco, a key member of the National Buying Consortium, to develop our business both in the UK and into some markets further afield. The passion that the Nasco team have shown is infectious and I’m looking forward to some great successes in the coming months and years”
    Graham Stonadge, UK Sales Director
    It has been an intense and really fun quarter, which gave us the operational and financial prerequisites to continue building the company. We have strengthened the organization, added more retailers, developed collaborations, and improved the production and logistics chain.
    Cecilia Lindwall, CEO Veg of Lund
    We are very proud to be able to sell DUG in a food chain that stands for quality at all levels, with a royal warrant to supply groceries and a strong brand also internationally
    Cecilia Lindwall, CEO of Veg of Lund
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