About Us

Vinnie & D have set out to create and aspirational lifestyle brand, we’re the Dualit toaster or the Porsche Kettle in your IKEA kitchen, a little bit of something special in an everyday world. Vinnie & D is synonymous with sourcing new creative British Design. Our individual Designers highlight innovation and style. Many of the designs shown are only available in a handful of individual shops countrywide. Vinnie & D’s aim is to make them more widely available, to an audience who appreciate the quality of British Design and buying British. Vinnie & D’s objective is to supply slightly unusual creative pieces for the home, you and your children from what they consider to be a calm and beautiful website. Vinnie & D want to keep brining you something new, which you just might not have seen before. At Vinnie & D its important the shopping experience works for our Designers as well for the consumer. Everything online is agreed with the Designers in advance, from the look and feel of the photography and of course the price. The promise to our Designers is not to undercut prices or even over price any designs, we work very much as a partnership. Vinnie & D is a showcase for a selection of creative British Design. Nothing at Vinnie & D is mass-produced. Our Designers range is regularly updated to keep bringing you new Designers each with their own story to tell. The Designers will all be under one ‘roof’ on line with Vinnie & D. All our products are available on line at www.VinnieandD.com with gift vouchers available from the site too.