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  • Visma acquires iASSET and strengthens its position in the e-government space in the Benelux

Visma acquires iASSET and strengthens its position in the e-government space in the Benelux

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Leading European software company Visma, acquires iASSET, a leading provider of IT solutions that offer a complete overview of all objects in public space; from roads and bridges to trees and public lightning.

isma has grown rapidly in the Dutch market with a number of acquisitions over the last few years, now exceeding €350 million in revenue and employing more than 2 000 people in this highly strategic region. By acquiring iASSET, Visma continues its advancement in the Netherlands, strengthening its position in the European market.

“We are very excited about iASSET joining the Visma family. iASSET has a portfolio of solutions that fits very well with our current products and services especially in Visma Roxit, for the (semi-) governmental market. We also believe that other Visma customers could benefit a lot from the SaaS solutions iASSET will be able to provide,” says Carsten Boje Møller, Division Director of Visma Custom Solutions.

"We really look forward to joining forces with Visma. This strategic collaboration enables us to accelerate our current path of growth and professionalisation. Everywhere in the world, you see an increased need for asset management systems such as iASSET to maintain and control objects in public space. Offering one of the leading systems in technology, innovation and market presence we believe we can expand our knowledge, products and market presence faster by joining forces together,” says Robbert Bloksma, Managing Director in iASSET.

iASSET will continue its business activities under its current name. As part of the Visma family, iASSET will operate closely together with Visma Roxit, but will collaborate also with other Visma companies like Visma Circle, Visma Connect and Khonraad. Jointly they will strengthen Visma’s presence in the Netherlands within the e-government space.

For more information, please contact:

Rob Steneker, Managing Director, Visma Roxit B.V., +31653201856

Robbert Bloksma, Managing Director, iASSET B.V., +31610207914

About iASSET

iASSET is one of the top 3 players and one of the fastest growing providers in Asset Management software systems for public space management in The Netherlands and Belgium. We help Asset Owners (e.g. Central Governments, Municipalities, Provinces, Private asset owners) to keep track of their assets such as roads, bridges, tunnels, trees, sewages and furniture in public space. Currently serving almost 3000 end users with our SaaS Asset Management tooling and our Mobile Applications.

About Visma in the Benelux

Visma's software offering on the Dutch market includes solutions for financial management, HRM, purchasing and e-government. In addition to Visma Connect and Visma Software, well-known organizations such as Visma Raet, Visma Roxit, ProActive, Davilex, Visma Idella, Dotweb, HR2day, PinkWeb, Visma PlusPort, Visma Verzuim, Visma Circle, Onguard, Visionplanner, IntraData, Nmbrs, Yuki and Khonraad are also part of the Visma group. Visma is the title sponsor of Team Jumbo-Visma, one of the world's best cycling and skating teams.