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Visma expands portfolio with SmartTrackers, management system for sustainability policy

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Visma has acquired Netherlands-based company SmartTrackers. This tech scale-up offers a digital platform that allows organisations to measure, manage and justify their performance in the fields of sustainability, social responsibility and quality. With SmartTrackers, Visma expands its portfolio with a complete management system for sustainability policy. This supports organisations in various areas, including meeting the growing number of reporting requirements and achieving climate targets.

SmartTrackers was founded in 2010 as an instrument for setting up and managing sustainability policies, such as measuring CO2 reduction and sustainable procurement. The platform supports measuring emissions, setting targets, determining actions, calculating effects and reporting progress. The flexibility of the software enables consolidation of all sustainability activities in both small and medium-sized enterprises and multinationals. The use of SmartTrackers also helps financial institutions to manage sustainability risks, something that EU financial authorities recommend.

In addition, SmartTrackers makes certification processes transparent, for example for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO and GRI. The user-friendly digital workflow makes it immediately clear what needs to be done to comply with a standard. Business operations are managed centrally and cooperation with controlling authorities is easy via the platform.

Almost 2 000 organisations in manufacturing, construction, government and financial services use SmartTrackers. The software is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

"SmartTrackers has been giving companies powerful tools to effectively implement policies on non-financial topics since 2010. With the increasing need to comply with all kinds of legal obligations, we now see enormous growth opportunities," says Leo Smit, founder of SmartTrackers. "By joining Visma, we strengthen our unique position in the market and further build the bridge between financial and non-financial reporting. We look forward to working with the other Visma companies."

John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma, adds: "Every organisation is faced with the enormous task of reducing CO2 emissions. We are therefore pleased and proud that SmartTrackers has joined Visma. This user-friendly digital platform mobilises organisations to perform better in the field of sustainability, social responsibility and quality. The software thus contributes to our vision: shaping the future of society through technology."

SmartTrackers will continue to operate under its own name and with its current team as an independent unit within the Visma Group. Agreements with customers remain unchanged.

For more information, please contact:
Milan Vaassen, milan.vaassen@visma.com

About SmartTrackers
SmartTrackers accelerates the transition to the new economy. The digital platform mobilises organisations to perform better in the areas of sustainability, social responsibility, quality management and risk management. SmartTrackers is already being used by 2 000 organisations to support the plan-do-check-act cycle and related work processes on non-financial themes. Users range from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinationals, from construction companies to governments, from financial institutions to NGOs.