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  • Visma takes major step to help European companies attain talent with the acquisition of Appical

Visma takes major step to help European companies attain talent with the acquisition of Appical

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Visma adds onboarding tech to its HR software portfolio with the acquisition of Appical. As part of the Visma Group, the Amsterdam HR-tech scale-up wants to accelerate its growth plans in Europe.

Appical was founded in 2012. Through how-to videos, gamification, quizzes, to-do lists and documentation, new hires can prepare for their new job and employer from the moment of contract signing. The platform also has functionalities and content to support internal mobility and offboarding.

More than 360+ organisations in 140+ countries now use Appical as a pre- and onboarding platform for their personnel policy. The software is available in 35 languages via mobile app and desktop and is growing with 300,000+ new users annually.

“Appical facilitates hybrid working and onboarding and Visma's products are complementary to our platform. By combining our offerings, we create added value for organisations in the European market. The enthusiasm, knowledge and the way we have been received by Visma also gives us a fantastic feeling that we can jointly support successful customers to be an attractive employer,” said Hans van Rijnswoud, CEO of Appical.

“We find ourselves in a historically tight labour market in which more and more organisations are struggling to attract and retain staff,” said John Reynders, Area Director Benelux at Visma. “A good onboarding experience contributes to the retention of employees for longer. We are happy and proud that Appical is joining the Visma family. Together, we can offer our customers the leading and most valued onboarding platform.”

Appical's international growth is characterised by land and expand. Good experiences at a department extend to other organisational units, but also to other large organisations. This strategy makes Appical Europe's market leader in onboarding tech in 2022.

Appical will continue to operate under its own name and with the current team as an independent part of the Visma Group. It will, however, set up partnerships with Visma companies.

About Appical

Founded in 2012, Appical is the pre- and onboarding platform that helps companies to give new employees a flying start and a warm welcome. Whether they work at home, in the office or hybrid. Appical has 360+ customers, an extensive partner network and more than 300,000+ new employees per year, who work with the full SaaS platform in 140+ countries. Visit www.appical.nl for more information.