Annual General Meeting of Wallenstam AB (publ)

At today’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Wallenstam AB (publ) on April 26, 2016, resolutions were passed, including, on a dividend, a new Board member by way of Karin Mattsson Weijber, directors’ fees, guidelines for remuneration to senior executives and authorization regarding acquisition/assignment of the company’s own shares. The AGM also passed resolutions on the adoption of income statements and balance sheets for 2015 and discharged the Board members and the CEO from liability.

Wallenstam’s AGM approved the Board’s proposal for a dividend of SEK 1.50 per share for the 2015 financial year. The record day for the dividend was set for Thursday, April 28, 2016 and distribution from Euroclear Sweden AB is expected to take place on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

In accordance with the nomination committee’s proposals, the AGM re-elected Christer Villard (Chairman) and Ulrica Jansson Messing, Agneta Wallenstam and Anders Berntsson as Board members and also elected Karin Mattsson Weijber as a new Board member. Fees to be paid to the Board of Directors were approved of SEK 1,330,000 in total, of which SEK 670,000 to the Chairman of the Board, SEK 240,000 to the Vice Chairman and SEK 140,000 to each of the other Board members. The fees include compensation for committee work. 

Dick Brenner (chairman), Christer Villard, Lars-Åke Bokenberger and Hans Wallenstam were re-elected as members of the nomination committee until the end of the 2017 AGM. It was also resolved that the nomination committee would be entrusted with the task of preparing proposals for the appointment of a nomination committee for the 2017 AGM.

The AGM resolved to re-elect Harald Jagner as the company’s auditor and Pernilla Lihnell as the company’s deputy auditor, both from Deloitte AB, until the end of the 2017 AGM.

The AGM authorized the Board until the next AGM, on one or more occasions, to take decisions regarding the acquisition of so many own B shares on Nasdaq Stockholm, such that the company’s maximum holding at any given time does not exceed 10 percent of all shares in the company. The acquisition must take place within the registered price range at the time (i.e. the spread between the highest buying price and lowest selling price).

The AGM also authorized the Board until the next AGM – with or without preferential rights for shareholders – to take decisions regarding the assignment of the company’s own shares by means other than through Nasdaq Stockholm. Assignment may take place against cash payment, against consideration other than in cash or by offsetting debt because of the company’s assignment in exchange for a claim on the company. The Board’s decision regarding assignment must be executed within the time period determined by the Board. The number of own shares assigned may not exceed the number of shares held by the company at the time of assignment.

Wallenstam AB (publ) is required to make this information public under the provisions of the Swedish Financial Markets Act and the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was released for publication at 18.30 CET on April 26, 2016.         

For more information:
Elisabeth Vansvik, Director of Communications Wallenstam AB (publ) tel. 46 31-20 00 00 or 46 705-17 11 38

Wallenstam is a growing property company that manages, builds and develops properties for sustainable living and enterprise in Gothenburg and Stockholm. The property holding is valued at around SEK 33 billion and the customer base consists of just over 7,500 households and 1,000 enterprises. The total lettable area is around 1 million sq m. Wallenstam is self-sufficient in renewable energy through the company Svensk NaturEnergi. The company’s B shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1984.


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