Intergenerational housing for Umami Park

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Wallenstam is letting unique intergenerational housing in Umami Park, Sundbyberg. Two apartments in the district’s signature building will become intergenerational housing. The apartments, which are located at the top with a fantastic view, will make it easy for different generations to live close by but still separately through two different entrances to complete homes, which can serve as a large unit but at the same time be divided for individual living.

“Our development work is based on customer needs. Today there are many different family structures apart from the nuclear family that have difficulty in finding a suitable home. We consider the two apartments for intergenerational housing in Umami Park as an initial test and a way to meet a growing need which provides flexibility for our customers,” says Mathias Aronsson, Regional Director for Stockholm and Uppsala.

The two apartments have a combined size of just over 120 square meters, of which the smaller apartment of 21 square meters is fully equipped with a bathroom, mini-kitchen and its own entrance. The apartments are part of the first phase of the homes that are being built in Umami Park.

Construction and development in the area are in full swing so far 68 apartments in the first phase have been let. When fully developed, Umami Park will consist of 800 new homes and commercial floor space for shops, restaurants, a nursery school and local services.

“During the vision work for Umami Park we already worked on the basis that it should be an exciting, safe and attractive area for everyone. This means that it feels very natural to offer intergenerational housing here,” says Mathias Aronsson.

Umami Park is an area for everyone that appreciates wellbeing, activities and experiences as well as proximity to most things. Here, people will live and work close to Stockholm City, with a 10-minute walk to Arenastaden and two metro stops from Kista. One of the larger commercial tenants that will establish in the area is Convendum, which with 11,200 square meters will offer a conference center and innovative office and housing solutions for coworking and co-living in Umami Park.

For further information:
Elisabeth Vansvik, Communications Director Wallenstam AB (publ) tel. 46 31 20 00 00 or 46 705 17 11 38

Wallenstam is a property company that manages, builds and develops properties for sustainable living and enterprise in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala. The property holding is valued at around SEK 49 billion and the customer base consists of around 9,000 households and 1,000 enterprises. The total lettable area is around 1 million sq m. Wallenstam is self-sufficient in renewable energy through its own wind turbines in operation. The company’s B shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1984.



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