Wallenstam launches four climate targets

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As a part of Wallenstam’s sustainability work, four climate targets are now being introduced.  The aim of the targets is to further reduce the carbon footprint from the building operations and from the properties’ energy consumption and residual waste. In addition, all business trips shall be carried out in a carbon-neutral way.

“In Sweden, we are living as if there are resources equivalent to four planet Earths. Wallenstam wants to and can make a difference. We have a deliberate long-term sustainability strategy, work with prioritized goals according to Agenda 2030 and we are now sharpening our sustainability efforts further with four climate targets,” says Karin Mizgalski, Sustainability Manager at Wallenstam.

Wallenstam has decided on four climate targets as follows:

  • Wallenstam shall reduce CO2 emissions from its building operations by 10 percent per square meter. 
  • Wallenstam shall reduce CO2 emissions from the properties’ energy consumption by 15 percent per heated square meter.  
  • Wallenstam shall reduce the properties’ residual waste by 10 percent per square meter.
  • Wallenstam’s business trips shall be carried out using electric car, train or via completely carbon-neutral and biofuel-based air travel.

In addition to these four climate targets, Wallenstam has decided that all bonds issued in the future must be green bonds.

“All of our focus on sustainability comes from our values which are based on respect, commitment and progress. We are embarking on a green restart in society and are working in several different ways to contribute to a more sustainable society through our business. Therefore, we have now added four concrete climate targets within the current business plan,” says Hans Wallenstam, CEO of Wallenstam.

Wallenstam was the first in the sector to be self-sufficient in renewable energy through the company’s own wind power turbines in 2013. Earlier this year, the company decided to complement its investment in wind power with solar cells in the properties where this is possible.

“The sustainability issue is a continually ongoing process for us. At Wallenstam, we have appointed a climate group composed of skilled colleagues who represent different parts of the operations. In a stimulating and positive process, we have together drawn up the four climate targets that will apply through 2023,” says Karin Mizgalski.

The goals within the UN’s Agenda 2030 that Wallenstam has already chosen to focus on are gender equality, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities and climate action.


For further information:
Karin Mizgalski, Sustainability Manager, Wallenstam AB (publ) tel. +46 31 20 00 00 or +46 730 78 23 70
Elisabeth Vansvik, Communications Director Wallenstam AB (publ) tel. 46 31 20 00 00 or 46 705 17 11 38


Wallenstam is a property company that manages, builds and develops properties for sustainable living and enterprise in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala. The property holding is valued at around SEK 55 billion and the customer base consists of around 10,000 households and 1,000 enterprises. The total lettable area is around 1 million sq m. Wallenstam is self-sufficient in renewable energy through its own wind turbines in operation. The company’s B shares have been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 1984.


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