Having now experienced three consecutive all time highs there is beginning to creep in speculation as to when the boom will bust. Confronted with the holidays, a time when most consumers have less free cash on hand, it is possible that the continual rise will be dampened.
Ioana Romanasu, Editor at WSN. 
When we’re looking at the reports we are always thinking ahead to what will happen next month. December is always a time when people spend money on the holidays. When you take into account that the number of people who participate in sports betting in newly legalized states has not reached its full potential then you have a case where people may be betting less, but every consecutive month sees more people betting. With that in mind we predict that Indiana will see another record breaking month in December, assuming there isn’t a sudden and serious second wave
Evan Henningsen, an Editor at WSN
It remains to be seen if a winter second wave will be able to derail the industry like it did in early 2020, but whether or not that happens one thing is almost certain, the recovery will almost certainly dwarf any temporary losses. These latest numbers out of New Jersey indicate that despite the troubles of a pandemic in its full power bettors have regained enough confidence in their personal finance not only to bet as much as they were in pre pandemic days but that the activity is gaining momentum.
Evan Henningsen, Editor at WSN.
This new report clearly shows that although the pandemic is not over yet, the confidence of sports bettors in Indiana is better than ever. This report also confirms that football is the favorite sport among hoosiers
Ioana Romanasu, Editor at WSN
To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement! I’m proud to announce I’m the new co-host of Wise Kracks with Bill Krackomberger on We’re kicking off season two with an NFL Hall of Fame QB
Jon Orlando, WSN Wise Kracks co-host. 
Bettor confidence in regards to how much and how often they feel safe to wager their money is a clear temperature test for the economy as a whole as it singles out consumer financial confidence in a way that only the stock market has previously been able to do.
Evan Henningsen
This continued growth shows that although the pandemic is not over people are still fiercely interested in partaking in sports wagering. This latest report suggests that the trend will continue and will likely accelerate with the resumption of the NFL.
Ioana Romanasu, an editor at WSN 
Sports have been on hiatus due to the coronavirus making this year’s resumption of the NFL an even bigger event than it usually is. With that in mind we wanted to do something special for the fans who’ve had such a hard year
Managing Director of WSN, James Whitlock
WSN’s new focus on Illinois sportsbooksand the sporting teams that call the state home will be a big boon to midwest sports fans.
Ioana Romanasu
My gut feeling is basketball will not start by thanksgiving...why not have stage one in Jan-March, have a conference tourney and then move into March Madness...I don't see it happening in Nov. as is the current plan...
Dick Vitale
New Jersey is a bellwether for the United States sports book industry as a whole and may indicate that the trend of growth that the industry was enjoying before the corona-virus halted sports, has resumed
Ioana Romanasu
MLB Opening Day represents the return of major sports in the US after a long hiatus. Clearly, sportsbooks’ bottom lines have suffered alongside the leagues they bet on during this period. This has created a sense or urgency in the already competitive industry of sportsbooks leading to an unprecedented flood of bonuses and deals.
James Whitelock, Head of Marketing at
We are delighted to further strengthen our position in the US with this latest license approval. continues to gain momentum in the US market and Colorado provides us an even greater opportunity to convert visitors into players as legal sportsbooks begin accepting customers in the state
Jonas Warrer - Managing Director | GiG
I’ve been approached to do podcasts before but I believe this is the right place for it. After betting on sports professionally for over twenty-five years I am looking forward to a show where we will educate sports bettors with real actionable advice every week
Bill Krackomberger, famous professional sports bettor.
We are very excited to launch this new podcast in partnership with Bill Krackomberger. Bill sits in the middle of an extensive community of sports bettors in the US, I believe this relationship will drive WSN forward and provide a great platform for sports bettors looking for an edge from respected experts
James Whitelock, Head of Marketing at WSN.
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