XMReality adds two more companies within Coesia Group to the customer portfolio

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XMReality AB has signed contracts with two additional companies within the Coesia Group during August for the usage of XMReality Remote GuidanceTM. Coesia Group, a global packaging group, has a framework agreement in place with XMReality AB since 2018. This to facilitate for the 21 Coesia companies to sign contracts for the use of XMReality Remote Guidance. Nine of these companies are today customers to XMReality AB.

Coesia Group are represented in 35 countries with 84 production sites and XMReality Remote Guidance is used within several areas of their operations. It’s used for support and services between production sites, within field service applications and also towards customers through different help centers.

“Coesia is an example of a company that is scaling up its use of Remote Guidance. Compared to their use about two years ago, the number of companies and the number of licensees has more than doubled. This increase in use and Coesia’s push of Remote Assistance, is a strong testament to our product and our services. I’m also pleased to observe that Remote Guidance brings additional value during COVID-19” says Jörgen Remmelg, CEO of XMReality.

One of the companies within the Coesia group has recently performed a machine installation, which normally is managed by their technician on site, completely remotely using XMReality Remote Guidance. This was an alternative solution following the imposed travel restrictions due to COVID-19, which resulted in that the normal installation process was impossible at the same time as the installation was urgent for the customer. By guiding the customer remotely to manage the setup themselves, the machine was successfully installed and the customer’s operations could resume. Not only is this a unique first-time process where the installation process was managed remotely, it also opens up for a new way of working moving forward.

You can read more about Coesia Remote Assistance here.

For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Remmelg, CEO XMReality
Phone: +46 739 822 409
E-mail: jorgen.remmelg@xmreality.se

About XMReality Remote Guidance™
XMReality Remote Guidance is an AR-enabled knowledge sharing tool that lets you communicate with gestures, speech, chat and pointers with someone at a completely different place. It includes:

  • A unique hands-overlay technology that lets you guide someone else’s hands—as if you were there.
  • A web portal to manage teams and users, and to measure usage
  • Integration through client-side API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)

About XMReality
XMReality develops and sells solutions that revolutionizes knowledge sharing through Augmented Reality (AR). The company is a market leader in Remote Guidance, which uses AR to guide onsite staff to enable quick dispositions, resolutions and/or problem prevention. The product is currently used in almost 60 countries. ABB, Nestlé, Electrolux, General Electric, Sidel, Hexagon, Bühler and Minibea Intec are main customers out of more than 80 Enterprise customers. With operations in Sweden and US, XMReality is listed on Nasdaq First North (ticker: XMR). Further information is available under www.xmreality.com

About Coesia
Coesia is a group of innovation-based industrial and packaging solutions companies operating globally, headquartered in Bologna Italy, owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. Coesia companies are leaders in the sectors of:

  • Advanced automated machinery and packaging materials
  • Industrial process solutions
  • Precision gears

Coesia's customers are leading players in a broad range of industries, including Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Healthcare, Luxury Goods, Pharmaceutical, Racing & Automotive and Tobacco. Read more about Coesia at www.coesia.com




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