It’s great to see that our U.S. sales team is now delivering a steady stream of new customers,
Andreas Jonsson, CEO at XMReality
By providing a seamless user experience around the customer’s own cloud storage, we retain ease-of-use and give users access to their content, all while keeping data fully secure.
Alexander Sandström, CTO
The majority of our sales is carried out by our Enterprise Sales representatives, and we know that larger customer accounts will require interaction with a sales representative. I however believe that the online sales channel is important for us for two reasons; primarily to make it easier for a customer to make a purchase at their own convenience and secondly for us internally to reduce customer acquisition cost.
Andreas Jonsson, CSO at XMReality
We are constantly striving to lower the thresholds for using remote guidance, and ease-of-use is a very important aspect of this. I’m very happy with the improvements we have made in the Q2-release and believe these will help us further grow our user-base.
Per Unell, CTO XMReality
From the past year we do know that we generate significant value for our customers especially within the Food and Beverage industry. We look forward to supporting Danone in this and will work hard to maximize global use within the company
Jörgen Remmelg, CEO at XMReality
Thanks to the partnership with XMReality we can offer to our OEM customer to become their eyes & hands around the world. We simply connect our local teams in 50 countries to the OEM helpdesk, transferring the right know-how to secure the quality of intervention.
Thomas Meyer, CEO at SOCAPS
We expect that, especially in Covid and post-Covid times, the combination of Iristick smart glasses and the high-end features of XMReality Remote Guidance will help many of our customers to keep up their high standards of field service, anywhere in the world.
Johan De Geyter, CEO Iristick
We see an exciting opportunity to integrate our service into myVR Software’s solution, with XMReality contributing to a strengthened overall offering for myVR Software. We look forward to this initial shared project that will hopefully lay the foundations for a successful long-term collaboration
Jörgen Remmelg, CEO XMReality
This technology has the potential to be a game-changer. I knew when I first saw it that it would prove very useful. I just hadn’t realised how useful until we went into lockdown and operatives were unable to attend routine repairs because of isolation.
Gary Haldane, Interim Digital Director at Kingdom Housing Association
We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with Electrolux Professional. A 3-year contract is a clear sign that the market is maturing and customers are expanding their commitments. It also confirms that XMReality Remote Guidance is being prioritized by customers.
Jörgen Remmelg
The global launch of Remote Guidance within Sidel is yet another milestone for XMReality in the journey to become the most used remote guidance solution in the world. By meeting the customers need for an integrated solution, we feel confidence in being a reliable partner to Sidel through many years to come
says Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality.
We see great potential in the use of Remote Guidance in combination with our connected heat pumps. Better and more accurate troubleshooting, which means shorter downtime and reduces the proportion of incorrectly replaced spare parts, and also to achieve increased customer satisfaction and reduced travel.
explains Berry Christensson, Service Manager at NIBE.
We can see that many of our customers highlight the difficulty of sharing knowledge with newly hired technicians, service partners and customers in an efficient way while meeting the sustainability requirements for reduced travel.
says Marcin Szymanski, Chief Sales Officer at XMReality.
We are very excited to use XMReality Remote Guidance Solution to enhance our remote assistance process and bring our SMEs on the Zone level closer to the breweries, We chose XMR because of the versatility in integrating with our current systems, and the agnosticism in being able to work with a number of different glasses hardware options around the world. We have very high hopes for this partnership!
says Adam Spunberg, Global Director of Tech Exploration at AB InBev
XMReality is happy to welcome Anheuser Busch InBev to the world of Remote Guidance users. With AB InBev we continue to create and expand our customer value offered to the brewing industry. We know that improved productivity as well as focusing on sustainability is important to AB InBev and we are happy to contribute to their endeavor to meet these targets
says Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality
During 2020 we will expand the use of Remote Guidance with customers globally. With the new group call feature, we can penetrate all the way through our distribution chain, especially in Asia where we see great customer interest around the solution. We also see that Remote Guidance can support and strengthen other services that we have launched to the market during the last couple of years. Remote Guidance is a cornerstone in our aim to build a significant and profitable service business besides our traditional component sales business
says Zoltan Pap, Product Manager at Strömsholmen AB
We see Strömsholmen’s next step in the implementation process as particularly interesting in that it shows how our solution can offer direct interaction with end customers. Distributors can quickly solve problems together with their customers, using real-time support from the manufacturer’s experts. Our unique web client makes communication with the customer independent of the software and hardware platform they have
says Johan Castevall, CEO at XMReality AB
The web client will be perfect for our customers”. You can set up a remote call without them having to install anything.
Martin Forsberg, Global Support at Arcam
We are seeing a clear trend of steadily increasing video communication via smartphones. By selling XMReality Business online, we are opening up new opportunities to reach more international companies of various sizes. With this new offering we strengthen our position as an international leader in Remote Guidance.
Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality
“When launching XMReality Business we significally increase our ability to reach a wider range of customers, with no geographical limitations. This offering is a perfect complement to our steadily growing enterprise customer offering.”
Johan Castevall
It is gratifying to see how our software is coming into use in sector after sector. We see great potential in being able to make field service work more efficient in many of the world’s largest companies.
Johan Castevall, CEO XMReality AB
By this cooperation with XMReality we are able to strengthen our motto “The safer choice” by offering the best and most efficient customer support out there
Johan Klang, Product & Innovation Manager at Strömsholmen
This augmented reality system’s combination of outstanding effectiveness and simplicity will, in fact, let us supply an advanced assistance service with ease, providing enormous added value for our customers worldwide
Giuseppe Lesce, manager of the SACMI Customer Service Division
The collaboration with XMReality means that we can offer our customers a new fantastic opportunity to improve and streamline their business’ critical processes
Johan Melander, CEO Novacura
We are continuously releasing new features in accordance with our product roadmap. The integration APIs make it possible for our clients to integrate XMReality Remote Guidance more tightly into their service processes and existing service software
Per Unell, CTO XMReality