Leading fertilizer company renews payroll and HR services agreement with Zalaris

Zalaris ASA today announced a renewal of the agreement to continue Zalaris’ provision of Multi-Country HR services including Payroll, Time & Attendance, and Travel Expenses for another five-year term, with a large Norwegian industrial company.

The renewed agreement encompasses transactional HR services for the company’s operations across Norway, Sweden, Denmark – powered by Zalaris’ proven Multi-Country Cloud solution for payroll, time and travel expenses. The Zalaris solution tightly integrates with the company’s SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central-based global HR solution.

Zalaris has continuously led payroll and HR breakthroughs since its founding, bringing superior cross-border experience and industry-specific knowledge to a broad range of customers over the past two decades. High-caliber Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) services add to Zalaris’ long-standing reputation as a go-to partner in payroll and human capital management – on premise, in the cloud and in hybrid solutions with dynamic hosting options based on customer locales, specifications and preferences.

Growing ahead of the curve

“Considering the inherent complexity involved in transforming payroll and HR systems in the digital era, it’s no wonder multi-nationals turn to us for related solutions and services,” says Zalaris CEO and founder Hans-Petter Mellerud. “HR and payroll are Zalaris core competencies, including best practices that streamline deployment, training, adoption, integration and support.”

“Zalaris customers often stand out on a global scale for many compelling reasons – and they fully recognize and appreciate our differentiation as a payroll and HR leader regardless of industry,” Mellerud pointed out, noting that customer renewals are “the norm” for Zalaris. “We deliver higher value in a multitude ways due to continuous sharp focus on what we do best. Payroll and human capital management functions deserve this level of expertise from a reliable partner who knows and addresses the pitfalls, pain points and possibilities, which are nothing short of remarkable today.”

Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO and founder
Mobile: +47 928 97 276
E-mail: hans-petter.mellerud@zalaris.com


About Zalaris 

Zalaris (OSLO: ZAL) ranks among Europe’s top providers of payroll and human capital management (HCM) solutions – addressing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and total compensation, time and attendance, travel expense and performance management. Our proven local and multi-country delivery models include on-premise implementations, software as a service (SaaS), integrated cloud and business process outsourcing (BPO). Zalaris’ experienced consultants and advisors cover all industries and IT environments. For more information, go to www.zalaris.com