Successful Workday Integration for Finnair

Zalaris and Finnair have a history of co-operation spanning over several years. Previously, Zalaris as the payroll provider was also in charge of employee data management in the Zalaris SAP environment, but along with the Finnair HR system renewal, Finnair took over the employee master data ownership.

”Previously updating employee master data was only done from the payroll management point of view. It was seen to be enough to have the necessary information in store to handle the payment of salaries. However, employee master data has a much larger significance to us than just payroll processing, so we wanted to have it under our direct control. Essential data is now available for other our systems, such as time management systems, faster than ever before”, says Riitta Huttunen, IT Development Manager at Finnair.

In addition to enabling personnel data management from a single location, with the introduction of Workday the self-service capabilities were improved as well. Employees are now able to store and check, for example, details of their employment history, periods of long-term absence, and contact information – on their own. This way, it is much more likely than before that correct information is available in the system.

”Reporting and analyzing employee data is easier than before. Our People&Culture (HR) function is now performing faster, and together with managers they are better equipped to serve our employees since we have up-to-date visibility into the staff's core data”, Huttunen explains.

Download the complete case file here.