Zalaris' commitment and precautionary measures during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

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COVID-19 continues to impact people around the world with increasing risks and complexities. At Zalaris, the health and safety of our employees, customers and all communities in general are of primary concern and we have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely.

To address this evolving situation, we have put into place the below precautionary measures to help our communities stay aware and stay safe from the risks of Coronavirus.

  • Extra caution is very important. Zalaris has educated and shared guidelines on basic protective measures from WHO (World Health Organization) with all employees and customers.
  • Zalaris has restricted travel and is encouraging all its communities to fully leverage virtual meetings and conferences.
  • Attendance at big gatherings/events should be avoided where possible.
  • If you recently have stayed in high-risk areas of COVID-19 (China, Japan, Italy or South Korea), it is advised to take extra precaution by staying at home.
  • Be vigilant and keep distance when interacting with other people who have travelled recently to high-risk areas. 

With the above precautionary measures and responsible cooperation from all of us, we can make strides in containing the spread of COVID-19.

At this stage, we do not anticipate any hinderance to business as usual and you can always reach out to us for any additional support or extended services as needed. We appreciate your confidence in Zalaris and look forward to meeting your needs at all times.