Aktia and R-kioski expand their cooperation

Aktia Bank plc
Press release
11 April 2016 at 11 am

The cooperation between Aktia and R-kioski initiated in December is to be expanded when R-kioski transfers its payment processing operations to Aktia in summer 2016.

The cooperation between Aktia and R-kioski began just before Christmas when R-kioski branches included Aktia's MasterCard Prepaid cards in their product range. The cooperation has worked well from the beginning and has been profitable, which is why discussions regarding its expansion were quickly opened. It was natural to first check which banking services were already part of R-kioski’s palette of services. The payment of bills with barcodes has been possible at R-kioski branches since 2011.

Aktia is developing its range of products and services in different channels, and cooperation with R-kioski will allow us to offer the most popular products in a very extensive distribution network.

  • Moving payment processing to Aktia is a natural continuation to the cooperation that has started so well. R-kioski is a competent and efficient partner for Aktia, and its extensive network of branches expands our market area, says Director Carl Pettersson of Aktia’s Executive Committee.
  • The next step will be to see which of the bank’s service packages fit into R-kioski’s product range. We see here enormous potential for expanding our own sales channels, Pettersson continues. 

Banking customers are increasingly preferring to handle their banking business irrespective of time and place. The hours of service at the branch offices’ cash banking services have been shortened, but bills can now also be conveniently paid at R-kioski branches. R-kioski branches are open long hours every day of the week, which means excellent service for the customers.

  • R-kioski has the best and largest range of services in Finland, and we are constantly developing it in cooperation with our customers. Aktia is a partner that has made the bold and open-minded step to start responding to our customers’ changing needs to also receive banking services conveniently and quickly at R-kioski branches, says R-kioski’s purchasing director Jaakko Mäkinen.


Aktia Bank plc


For further information, please contact:
Aktia Bank plc, Director Carl Pettersson, carl.pettersson@aktia.fi, tel. +358 10 247 6250
Jaakko Mäkinen, purchasing director, R-kioski Oy, jaakko.makinen@r-kioski.fi, tel. +358 20 554 4103


Aktia provides a broad range of products within banking, insurance and real estate agency. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas and inland growth areas. Aktia has about 350,000 customers who are served by about 1,000 employees at about 50 branch offices and via online and telephone services. Aktia's shares are listed on the list of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. For more information about Aktia see www.aktia.com.

R-kioski is a profitable franchise-driven convenience store chain, which by its versatile product range provides customers with entertainment, excitement, pleasure as well as basic everyday products and services quick and convenient from morning to night. R-kioski is a part of Reitan Convenience and Reitan Group, and has a nationwide coverage with approx. 615 stores and a brand recognition of 98%.