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    Increasing use of non-human primates in safety testing of drug candidates is ethically undesirable.
    Dr Gerry Kenna
    “Any level of suffering is a concern, but we are particularly concerned about those animals who suffer the most.”
    Dr Elliot Lilley, RSPCA
    If we are to find useful, safe drugs in the future it is vital that all interested parties work together to find valid, non-animal methods that will identify them.
    Dr Andrew Bennett, Director of the FRAME Alternatives Laboratory
    Animals should be treated with respect, befitting their status as sentient beings, rather than as mere tools for data collection.
    Katherine van Ekert Onay
    “This isn’t a tug-of-war between left and right, with only the strained rope and a referee in the middle. The middle is, or ought to be, hospitable ground to all who wish to help medical science move toward what the relevant EU Directive calls its “final goal”, i.e. animal-free medical research.”
    Dr Matthew Simpson
    There are ways in which ivory could be used in scientific and medical research. So is it right that seized tusks should be destroyed, or should they be recycled in the pursuit of science?
    Dr Marlous Kooijman
    If a substance is to be used for cosmetic purposes, it should be subject to the same restrictions that other cosmetics are
    Professor David Kendall, FRAME Trustee
    FRAME believes that more emphasis should be placed on searching for valid, non-animal methods, rather than giving priority to creating a great many new genetically modified animal models.
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