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    “This is a unique process and Metasphere’s plant is top notch. We are excited about making the know-how and technology a part of Höganäs AB.”
    Fredrik Emilson, Höganäs CEO
    “When we have scaled up to industrial production we will go to market with a broad spectrum of products, mainly within additive manufacturing, where there is a large demand for innovative materials.”
    Fredrik Emilson, Höganäs CEO
    This is the first commercialization of our ground-breaking and disruptive technology, Cleanit® EC in Brazil. Now, we can showcase this green solution, establish its CAPEX-OPEX advantages, demonstrate the ease of running the system, and prove our ability to provide a site-specific solution.
    Avinash Gore, President of Höganäs’ Business Area Environmental
    “With Fredrik Emilson, Höganäs will have a CEO with a broad knowledge of the company’s customer base, products and organization. He has a documented ability to deliver healthy growth and good results and is a strong leader”.
    Staffan Bohman, chairman of the Höganäs Board of Directors
    “Rune has the right experience and competence to take on the challenge of building Höganäs’ brand and expand our market shares in industrial applications.”
    Melker Jernberg, CEO Höganäs AB
    In line with Höganäs’ vision, Digital Metal will further grow the market for metal powders as it can become a critical component and system manufacturing technology. It will add tremendous value to customers demanding minimal development time and mass customization. With this deal Höganäs acquires the best available technology within the field.
    Alrik Danielson, CEO Höganäs.
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