With our Telemedical Acute Stroke Care, or TASC, we have been able to ensure that patients who suffer a stroke receive the medicine they need as quickly as possible in the immediate aftermath – so that they benefit from significantly improved chances of recovery.
Peter Knüppel, computer scientist, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg
Working together with our researchers and partners from the world of industry, with the use of augmentation, I believe that we can make a major contribution to making production processes safer, simpler, more flexible and more effective.
Dr. Simon Adler, Fraunhofer IFF
By linking up with the existing QR code technology, we have developed a solution which drastically reduces the amount of work required to create individual augmented reality content.
Daniel Anderson, managing director of 3DQR GmbH
The potential of our region in the field of ICT is growing all the time. Our expertise in this area will enable us to forge ahead with the process of digitalisation in Saxony-Anhalt and handle the tasks and the work of the future.
Thomas Wünsch, State Secretary for the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Digitalisation of the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt
We offer a highly secure cloud storage service for decentralised teams.
Franz Weisbrich, industrial engineer and executive chairman at Sengi IT
Networking is very easy and purposive here.
Bartol Ruzic, Development Director at 2tainment GmbH
We have identified herbs that have a positive effect upon the gastrointestinal tract, have tested their aroma and flavour and narrowed them down.
Wolfram Schnäckel, Professor for Food Technology at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
nutriCARD is thus something new for the research landscape in Central Germany. Various individual competences of the sites are bundled in this cluster and used synergistically.
Dr. Toni Meier, managing director of the cluster nutriCARD
We were the first manufacturers to successfully use Stevia, i.e. ‘sweetleaf’, as a natural sweetener in our juice drinks instead of sugar.
Chris Dabbert, chairman Glockengold Fruchtsaft AG
This is quite simply because we began working in this area much earlier than other universities.
Dietmar Glatz, director of the Rapid Prototyping Centre at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences
We are no longer just producing products from Chlorella vulgaris, but from up to 14 different microalgae species.
Jörg Ullmann, Managing Director of Roquette in Klötze, Saxony-Anhalt
We try to respond to our customers’ requirements surrounding the metal powder with regards to solidity, hardness and corrosion resistance, etc., and want to convince with individual solutions.
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Pelz, founder of m4p
The surgeon can plan and simulate every step, rehears it with their colleagues, and enter the operating theatre better prepared.
Dr. Fabian Klink, director of M3DP
Chocolate manufacturers can no longer do without us.
Bernd Wiesner, Managing Director Paradiesfrucht
The measuring stations on our CSP roof are comparable with the identical ones in Morocco.
Matthias Ebert, scientist at Fraunhofer Center for Silicon-Photovoltaics CSP in Halle
It is around one third cheaper than purchasing the systems for the vacuum technology, and the continuous production process requires less energy. This saves us costs and leads to lower CO2 emissions.
Dr. Florian Holzapfel, managing director of Calyxo GmbH
In Europe alone, the market potential is currently estimated to be around 180 gigawatt peak. The area of business remains relatively undeveloped.
Markus Köhler, general manager of Flying Inspection Service
We want to breathe new life into the Tangermünde chemical works.
Ulrich Loser, managing director Loser Chemie
The storage system is programmed so that enough electricity is always available for the emergency operations.
Mathias Zdzieblowski, Tesvolt GmbH in Wittenberg
We must respond to problems quickly, provide advice and search for specific solutions.
Michael Koch, managing director of Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH
This density of information and its automatic processing forms the foundation for our ‘intelligent storage’. By focussing our logistics on digital paths, we manage to make our processes lean and flexible.
Martin Menz, company director of Relaxdays GmbH
It is the digitalisation of business processes that is a prerequisite for enabling aspects such as self-management of objects and communication of objects online.
Professor Dr. Dirk Sackmann, holder of the logistics professorship at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences
In future, local mobility options will be linked with one another and with satellite-based road, traffic and travel data.
In Saxony-Anhalt, scientists and economists are working together to research and develop technologies for intelligent traffic management.
The geographically convenient location of the region in the middle of Europe, an excellently developed infrastructure and well-trained specialists, as well as the proxi-mity to Eastern European EU states, provide good conditions to establish the centre of Germany in the future as a major hub for the transhipment of goods.
Thomas Webel, Minister of Transport of Saxony-Anhalt
A very good infrastructure has developed in the area between Halle, Leipzig and Bitterfeld, which means many opportunities for this sector.
Jörg Heilmann, Logistics Manager at Logistics centre HOYER in Schkopau
The infrastructure is superb, it offers a genuine location advantage of the possible recruitment for young scientists who are made available by the university in Halle, with its focus on protein biochemistry.
Henning Afflerbach, Managing Director of Scil Proteins GmbH
Until 2020, the global market for biopharmaceuticals is set to grow by an average rate of nine percent and a volume of about 280 billion US dollars.
Sebastian Schuck, Manager of the Business Development department at Wacker Biotech GmbH
The location of Saxony-Anhalt provides the ideal enviroment for companies from the entire range of pharmaceutical, plant-based and industrial biotechnology, as they will find excellent conditions with very specialist development focal points.
Dr. Carlhans Uhle, Managing Director of IMG
The research conditions are very good and they have improved further in recent years. Saxony-Anhalt offers interesting financial instruments and provides start-up financing and investor mediation. It also provides direct project funding.
Konrad Glund, co-founder and CEO of Probiodrug
The price will also help to expand the successful relations with our regional and international partners and will open the door to key decision-makers, which will bring more investments to Saxony-Anhalt also in the future.
Dr. Carlhans Uhle, managing director of IMG Saxony-Anhalt
There is great industrial demand for production processes that save energy and material, especially in the automotive industry and aviation.
Thomas Köck, Managing Director of the PMC
Our software can predict the wearing of technical systems. At the moment we can predict for the period of half a year whether a component of a wind park system has to be replaced, for example.
Prof. Michael Schulz, Indalyz Monitoring & Prognostics
During the past few years, many companies from Saxony-Anhalt have managed to get a foothold in the US market.
Andreas Müller, foreign trade expert of the Magdeburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce
We are happy to be able to show a unique manuscript form Martin Luther in the house of its donor for the first time.
Dr. Tomoko Elisabeth Emmerling, Project Director
We supply components that are further processed. Our assembly-supporting technologies mean savings in time and money for our customers.
Mats-Milan Müller, Marketing Manager of JS Lasertechnik Group
The quicker a patient is helped, the more brain cells we can save and the less severe the complications are.
Prof Hermann Hinrichs, neuroscientist at University hospital of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
Entirely new fields of application arise for our functional electrostimulation systems with the linkage to robotics.
Peter Weber, owner of HASOMED GmbH
Die Medizintechnik ist ein Zukunftsmarkt. Sachsen-Anhalt bietet für nationale und internationale Unternehmen gute Voraussetzungen, sich hier zu positionieren.
Dr. Carlhans Uhle, Geschäftsführer Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH (IMG)
Renewable energies are still a hot topic. Towns, cities and communities are focusing increasingly on renewable energies and energy efficiency, and frequently on ensuring a completely self-sufficient energy supply.
Chris Döhring, Board Spokesman of GETEC green energy AG
The companies restructured their production, invested strongly in their operational sites as well as their technology, products, packaging and quality assurance, and developed new marketing strategies.
Michael Heinemann, Chairman of the Advisory Council of the South Saxony-Anhalt Network for the Food Industry
The individual members of the cluster will benefit from the association in a variety of different ways.
Dr. eng. Günter Ihlow, Managing Director of tti, Technology Transfer and Innovation Promotion, Magdeburg
In Saxony-Anhalt we depict the entire value added chain: from research, to development, to prototyping, through to series production, our innovative automotive supply industry is first rate.
Dr. Jürgen Ude, Board Chairman of the MAHREG Cluster
We considered how we can usefully expand technical concepts.
Philipp Rösler, Designer
We can automatically generate this data and prepare a report. Surely several companies at the exhibition in Madrid will be interested in this.
Dr. habil. Lutz Weber, CEO OntoChem GmbH
As a small company, we want to concentrate on our competences and are happy to make use of the help offered by tti.
Thorsten Hildebrand, Sales and Marketing, ZORN INSTRUMENTS e.K.
The data will be partially automatically evaluated. The use of a cardiac pacemaker or an antiepileptic agent can be decided safely on the basis of this data.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze, Director of the University Hospital Magdeburg Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology
As an international investor we received great support from the authorities during our relocation.
Jörg Mario Reiter, General Manager of Isopan Deutschland GmbH
Because we work in cleanrooms, we were able to further increase the quality of all products.
Hiltrud Neidhardt, founder of PKH Halle GmbH
The idea was to technically equip roadside emergency telephones so that they record the wireless data sent by passing vehicles, forward this data to a control centre and send important incident data for the relevant motorway section back to the passing vehicles in real-time.
Andreas Müller, Head of the ANIKA project in Saxony-Anhalt
MechSi is on the one hand investigating what influence new production processes have on the wafer.
Jens Schneider, doctorate electrical engineer at Fraunhofer CSP in Saxony-Anhalt
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