Multilingual customer service via video conferencing

Starting in March, Kela will begin to offer customer service in English, Russian, Sami and Kurdish as a remote service. Customer assistance in the four languages will be available through a video connection for 4-6 hours per week depending on the language.

The target group for the English-language service includes Kela's international customers and native English speakers. As needed, Kela will arrange for interpreter services in the client's native language to ensure efficient service.

Customer service in Russian was trialled last spring. Encouraged by the positive response from customers, Kela is now relaunching the service.

Customer service in Sami is offered in the Lapland insurance district to customers speaking Skolt or Northern Sami. This is an entirely new service. In addition to the remote video service, customers speaking Skolt or Northern Service will also have access to customer service by phone.

Customer service in Kurdish was introduced on a trial basis in 2014. While the service was received favourably, there were not many users. With the relaunch of the service in March, Kela will seek to increase customer awareness of the service and take steps to reach out to Kurdish-speaking customers.

Ensuring equal access for all customers

Remote customer service means that a Kela customer service specialist assists customers through a video connection. This new service gives customers more equal access to services. It is also useful for showing customers how to use online customer service options. The video-based customer service corresponds to the service available at Kela offices and other customer service locations.

The service is free to customers and requires no technical expertise. Customers must have access to a computer with a camera and sufficient broadband capacity.

Additional information for customers:

Service in English

Service in Russian

Service in Kurdish

Service in Skolt Sami

Service in Northern Sami

For media inquiries, contact:
Kela, Field Operations Department
Pirkko Kilpeläinen, Tel. 020 63 41551
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